Joanna’s Top 3: Rude Cleaning Edition

According to a recent survey, women have a habit of just throwing away things that belong to their significant other while sprucing up. I personally can’t relate. Mainly because if someone did that to me, there would be no more significant other. BUT I guess out of those who do this, there is a hierarchy of things that get thrown away.


Here are the Top 3 things that men own that women like to throw away:


#3 Old hobby stuff. I suppose things like model airplanes, train sets, fishing equipment, etc. would fall in to this category. If I came home and someone had thrown away all of my yarn, I would NOT be a happy camper.


#2 Magazine collections. I personally know someone who had an impressive Reader’s Digest collection. Somehow they disappeared when he and his wife moved to a new house. Hmmm…..


#1 Clothes. As in, women have been known to survey the closet of their significant other and if something looks too worn or has tears, it gets thrown away. What?! What about jeans and shirts that you buy that way?!



What do you think? Are there things that you have been known to trash that belong to your significant other?

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