Joanna’s Top 3 – Weekend Movies Edition

Friday nights are movie nights for this gal. Whether I’m throwing on sweatpants, cuddling with my cats and picking out something interesting on Netflix, or going out to a theater (probably also in sweatpants, sans cats). 


I was originally going to make tonight’s Top 3 list about the flicks that came out today, buuuuuuut I could not be less interested in the choices: Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit (cast looks awesome but the movie does not), Ride Along (looks like another crowd-pleasing movie existing only as a paycheck for the actors), Devils Due (eh. Remember when this happened, though?) and Nut Job (What? Why? When?). 


With that said, here is my Top 3 list of movies (still in theaters, but not necessarily new) that you should go see this weekend:


#3 Frozen – Nominated for 2 Oscars


#2 Saving Mr. Banks – Nominated for 1 Oscar


#1 American Hustle – Nominated for 10 Oscars


Great casts and great stories. Let me know what you think!

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