Move over Betty, Dame Maggie is in the Abbey!

So I’ve finally jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwaggon, and I am hooked!

True, it may be filling the 30 Rock shaped hole in my heart (I miss you Liz Lemon! Blerg.), but I believe this love for Downton will continue to ring true.

I love this show for many reasons, and one of the top 5 being the lovely Dame Maggie Smith.

She’s always been lovely and absolutely fantastic in every role she’s ever performed, but I feel like her performance in Downton Abbey may just give Betty White a bit of competition for being the coolest Senior Starlet in Hollywood. Yes- I said it. She has some of the best lines throughout the show. Check out a good portion of them here (because you know that there are more than listed!)

So if you haven’t jumped on the Downton Abbey Train yet, do it. It’s worth signing up for the free month of Netflix :).

And just for fun- One Direction Downton Abbey Style


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