Move Over Dale Chihuly!

OK….not really, BUT I did get to check off a bucket list item this weekend!

Ever since the Yellow Chandelier was installed in the Columbus Visitor’s Center, I’ve always been interested in the art of blowing glass, and thanks to THE SUPER AMAZING WONDERFUL Columbus Area Arts Council (and my husband too :) ) I got the chance to experience this super sweet art-form!

SB glass

Here I am with Clayton- who was a great coach! Even when I almost burnt my hand touching the hot end of the rod…which is obviously a no-no…oops! (don’t worry, nothing scary)

And here is what I made! (OK Clayton too- he probably made more of it than I did!)


It’s so pretty!!!! I want to put it in a bag and push it down the stairs I LOVE IT! (Don’t worry I won’t, it might break!)

Thanks again to the folks at the Columbus Area Arts Council for offering this wonderful workshop! You will see me again next year!

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