Moyse’s Career in the Dumpster?

moyseNot only does it cost a bundle to host the Olympics, but apparently companies pay hefty to be official sponsors. The International Olympic Committee is renewing sponsorships for future games and the cost of a four-year sponsorship is about $200 million. When you take that and combine it with the billions a country spends to host the games they could give the athletes things they need…clean water, doors that work and bathrooms with flushing toilets and bathtubs.  Maybe this is where Jacuzzi or Aquatica could step in…Canadian bobsledder, Heather Moyse, turned to a garbage can to take a bath. She says her room has a shower, but no tub. Many athletes take Epsom salt baths to help in recovery, but when you don’t have a tub what do you use? She Tweeted a picture. If you didn’t know what was going on you’d think someone threw away a perfectly good Canadian!

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