My 2014 Goal…at least one of them…

2013 was a great year for me…sure it had it’s ups and downs, but what year doesn’t?

But I can honestly say that I am one of the 8% of people that achieved his/her New Year’s Resolution for 2013…and that was to finish the Half Marathon at the Mill Race Marathon. 

My Husband and I finishing the Mill Race Half Marathon!

So…what’s a girl to do in 2014 after accomplishing such a great goal in 2013?

Do it again….and again….

YUP! I have devoted 2014 to running and making it a habit I don’t want to quit. So I am planning on running at least 2 half marathons this year (the second being MRM again), and I’m already signed up and ready for the first….

Mini Logo Choice

I am SUPER EXCITED for the opportunity to run the Indy Mini Marathon! I’ve heard so many great things about the atmosphere of this race…I can’t wait! Well I can wait because I still need to train, but you know what I mean… :)


Now one would think that since I already have a half Marathon under my belt that a second one would be easier right? Yeah that is wrong thinking. Sure there is a bit more confidence that I can finish it, but there is a whole new round of nerves that I will be dealing with going into this training…

First- It’s the Indy Mini- Nothing Mini about it: The nations LARGEST Mini Marathon! 35,000 run/walk this! The great thing about the Mill Race Marathon was that even though it was a spectacular and fairly large event for Columbus, it still had a “small” vibe to it. The crowd size scares me quite a bit.

Second- runner’s knee: I went into training for the MRM with a clean bill of health. I never had problems with joints or anything of the sort before. Now…it’s something that concerns me. Thanks to Farrell’s and it’s awesome strength training program I do feel better about starting out, but it’s something that will always be on my mind. 

Third- Training in the Cold: Yes, I dreamed of cooler temperatures when training for the MRM in the ridiculous heat. But I’m pretty sure Danny Fisher still remembers me whining in February when I took his Road Warriors class. (I HIGHLY recommend this class and I may take it again, Danny is a rockstar! But I was a naive young runner who didn’t understand running.)

I’m sure there is more that I can stress over, but I think those are my 3 biggest hurdles to get over for the Indy Mini. But as I learned last year, there will always be something in the way, but I have to push through it, and there is something amazing about the weight of that finisher medal around your neck :). 

Don Lovins (Our Business Manager/Accountant/Funny Guy) and I with our Finishing Medals from the MRM- Don completed the Full- he’s crazier than I am!

SO- are you interested in participating in the Indy Mini? If your answer is DEFINITELY YES! Then sign up RIGHT NOW at

OR…if you can wear your patience panties just a little longer…there may be an opportunity for you to run it FOR FREE…. Stay tuned!

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