My new favorite commercial…

Last night as I was drifting in and out of sleep on the couch to the Detroit/Boston baseball game, a few of my new favorite commercials came on that I remembered that I needed to share with yall!

Ok, so really it’s 2 commercials and one of them is a series, but lets not get too technical.

My new favorite little kiddo commercial: Mastercard

Seriously- this kid is up there with the Darth Vader VW commercials….

MasterCard Paypass – Pirate from Joe Hawkins on Vimeo.

The stink eye at :13 and the leg grab at :18 get me every time!!!

And then there were a few more Dodge Durango/Anchorman 2 commercials that I hadn’t seen until last night… and they are all wonderful!

Dan (my hubby) and I decided that this movie is going to be fantastic…whether it’s actually good or not. It will be fantastic!

Did you get the Robert Goule SNL skit reference?!? I DID!

And you can watch ALL of them HERE.

Happy Friday!

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