New Tunes!

I’m super excited about the new music I added to QMIX this week! OK, I’m excited about ANY new music I get to add to QMIX, but this week seems extra awesome, at least in my opinion… :).

It’s great being a Music Director for a radio station…you should try it sometime!

Anyways- below are the songs that you should be listening for on QMIX. Please welcome them with open arms and make sure that hug lasts for a count of 10, because only then does it count as a real hug. (Name that reference!)

Imagine Dragons- “Radioactive”

Sound familiar? Yes it’s from the soundtrack of “The Host.” I don’t care what your feelings are towards the works of Stephenie Meyer, if you haven’t heard this song yet give it a listen NOW!

Sidebar: Isn’t that video RIDICULOUS?!? Lou Diamond Phillips?!? Stuffed Animals FIGHTING?!? Laser Eyes? Mind Grapes BLOWN!

Anyways- that song I’m sure will be added to your work-out playlist- along with this one….

Fall Out Boy- “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘em Up)


I’m super ridiculously excited for this album. Just when we all thought Fall Out Boy was done, they go and record a brand new album in secret and announced back in February that it will be released April 15th. (EEP!)

If you love this, check out the rest of the album on their Facebook page. The whole album is great, but I’ve been playing the Title Track “Save Rock and Roll” feat. Elton John on repeat. Check it out!

I hope you enjoy hearing these new tunes (along with others) along with all your familiar favorites!

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