It’s NOT the end of the world!

And I feel fine! (Now let’s all go see “The Hobbit”! haha)

Seriously though- did you know anyone that seriously believed today would be the end of the world? If so, what did you/they do? Did they stock up on “supplies?” Go on a ridiculous shopping spree since they thought they wouldn’t have to pay it back? Or on a more positive note, did they love on friends and family like they wouldn’t see them tomorrow?

I love the idea of the final thought…what if we really knew the world end tomorrow? Or the next day? Would we be completely selfish or un-selfish? Or would we set out to accomplish those dreams that we keep putting on the back-burner? How would our lives look if we knew the world really was going to end soon?

Just something to ponder as we head into the new year…. :)

Sara Beth :)

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