Officially on the Mumford and Sons Bandwagon!

Not going to lie- I was a bit hesitant about Mumford and Sons.

I know I know! They are super talented musicians and deserve all the recognition they have been getting, but I just felt like I wasn’t hipster cool enough or something.

Then this happened….

(WARNING: I rate it PG-13ish, so maybe wait until lunch break to watch)

Now here are all the reasons why this is my new favorite:

- LOVE this song! One of my favorites off the Babel album.
- I love bands that can make fun of themselves and let this happen.
- The trend of Hollywood infiltrating music videos is pretty sweet (See Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” video)
- I may have a celeb crush on Jason Sudekis…but really I think it’s a crush on Floyd, one of Liz Lemon’s love interests on 30Rock.

- Will Forte’s Beard. Nuff said.
- Ed Helms at the piano: wonderful. Ed Helms playing the accordion in a row boat? Sheer Genius!
-Jason Bateman’s smoking banjo solo.

So Thank you Mumford and Sons. Thank you.

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