Ohhh…we’re halfway there….

everybody sing….

oooOOOHHH!! Living on a prayer!

For reals though…Sean “the Madman” and I are halfway through our 10 week Challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping! WAHOO!!

We’ve been having such a great time! Both Sean and I find the classes EXTREMELY addictive…but its a good kind of addiction! There’s just something about pushing yourself to the max and knowing that it will all be over in 45 minutes is very encouraging!

My 5:30 class from last week sporting our pink!

Let’s just hope it shows up in our 5 week check-up at the end of the week….eep!

The latest round of fun during strength training is what is called a Drop Set. So up until the previous weeks we had been doing our workouts with classic sets, which would be a slow set of 16 reps, a fast set of 16 reps, a small break to band up if you can, then another slow set of 16. I was getting used to these. Even toying with the red and blue bands… (which are heavier than yellow and green btw)

Then they introduced Drop Sets. You start with your heaviest band (that you can do) of 12 reps slow, then the next band down for average set of 16, then band down again for a fast set of 24.

Sounds easy enough….

By the time that fast set of 24 rolls around your muscles are TIRED and even the yellow band can be a pain! Talk about muscle failure!

Anyways- since it’s right before the 5 week check-up, my goal is to up the bands and try to do just a little more, and not settle into what I know I can do, and in the resistance band world, that means BRING ON THE BLUE BAND! (And maybe even flirt with the PURPLE BAND!)

Except for lateral raises. I will forever be using the yellow bands for that exercise.

Sara Beth

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