Olympics Withdrawl?

Olympic-Games-Logo-RingsNow it’s back to flipping through channels nightly. That’s the good thing about the Winter Olympics, they gave you a place to stop for a bit and wonder what gene is someone missing that they feel it’s a good idea to zip down a tube of ice head first on a sled, and be glad that it’s one that you weren’t missing. And, even though everyone says it’s about the sport and sportsmanship we love the medal count. Even though there isn’t a trophy for taking the most golds or the most overall it gives you a sense that one country is better than the others and this time around it’s Russia. They finished with 33 medals overall, including the most gold medals, with 13. Team U.S.A. was second overall, with 28. Now you can wait 4 years before you have to act like you care about curling.

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