NBC Needs YOUR Ideas

TLCHere’s your chance to come up with a TV show. NBC is asking for you, the average Joe, to pitch sitcom ideas o them. Your ideas will be given to Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, and several funny, creative people to review and vote on. Which is curious, if you’re paying these very creative, talented people why not ask them for ideas? Isn’t that what they get paid for? But maybe they’re doing it. Get a bunch of ideas from the public and show that they’re no better than what they’re coming up with already. It’s scary to think Honey Boo Boo may be the pinnacle!

Change your Passwords?


Websites are racing to patch the Heartbleed bug, the worst security hole the Internet has ever seen. As sites fix the bug on their end, it’s time for you to change your passwords. The Heartbleed bug allowed information leaks from a key safety feature that is supposed to keep your online communication private — email, banking, shopping, and passwords.


Don’t change all your passwords yet, though. If a company hasn’t yet updated its site, you still can’t connect safely. A new password would be compromised too.

Many companies are not informing their customers of the danger — or asking them to update their log-in credentials. So, here’s a handy password list. It’ll be updated as companies respond to CNN’s questions.


Change these passwords now (they were patched)

  • Google, YouTube and Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr
  • OKCupid
  • Wikipedia


Don’t worry about these (they don’t use the affected software, or ran a different version)

  • Amazon
  • AOL and Mapquest
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One bank
  • Charles Schwab
  • Chase bank
  • Citibank
  • E*Trade
  • Fidelity
  • HSBC bank
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft, Hotmail and Outlook
  • PayPal
  • PNC bank
  • Scottrade
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Twitter
  • U.S. Bank
  • Vanguard
  • Wells Fargo



Don’t change these passwords yet (still unclear, no response)

  • American Express
  • Apple, iCloud and iTunes


The full article here.



Top 3 Things: ‘Good Job At Life!’ Edition

Ya know how sometimes we give you things just for listening to your QMIX? Like on April Fuel’s Day? When we gave out $50 gas cards JUST for listening? Which you do anyway? Yea. Wouldn’t it be great if there were other things like that in life? 


Here are the Top 3 Things that people should get awards/rewarded for:


#3 Pet Cuddling Champion – Even though we all probably do this enough, we could stand to do it more. Everyone wins when you cuddle with your pet! (Unless you have a reptile or a tarantula or something…) Wouldn’t it be rad if someone came by your house with a big check and congratulated you on your stellar pet-cuddling skills?? 

Like these guys. They win all the awards. Ever. 



#2 Hitting EVERY SINGLE Pot Hole Even When You Are Trying Specifically To NOT Hit Them Award – Everyone would go home with at LEAST a participation award for this. I win 1st Place for this today. 

#1 The Highest Of Fives Achievement – Just imagine…High fives just became more epic now that fireworks go off and everyone cheers as a kick line comes in and celebrates your celebratory high five. Sounds awesome, right?


Let’s appreciate the little things more! :D What other things do you think people should get awards for?



Resurrection of a Vette

vetteThe last ‘Vette is out. Workers have recovered the eighth and final Corvette from the sinkhole that swallowed them at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY in February. The 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 was found upside-down about 40 feet underground and they look nothing like Corvettes anymore, especially this one. they say it’s the one in the worst condition.  You can see all of them, as the museum will have them on display through August. They’ll then send them to a General Motors plant in Michigan to be repaired.

And the NEW Host of Late Night on CBS…



CBS announced on Thursday that Stephen Colbert signed a five-year contract to succeed David Letterman as the host of The Late Show when Letterman retires some time in 2015.

“Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career,” Colbert said. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave’s lead.”

Story developing…




Top 3 Things: You’re Getting Old….er Edition

Everybody gets old. BUT! Are you doing it gracefully? 


Here are the Top 3 ways to tell if you’re doing it right:


#3 You’ve watched TV shows and movies and started to identify more with the older characters. Not necessarily the parents or really old people…..but kind of, yea. Don’t worry though, this shows maturity. Feel better?


#2 You’re going to bed at a reasonable hour. You used to be a night owl, but now you’re in bed before you’re exhausted and you’re whole body aches for sleep. For some people, this is 10pm. For others, 8pm. Both perfectly acceptable. Sleep is so yummy. 

 This guy gets it….eventually. (#toocute)

#1 Social activities are not gone, just toned down. You go to concerts and get really pumped when there is seating available that isn’t the ground. Instead of going to several different bars and finally decided to leave when it’s almost morning, you have a few drinks at one place and then head home. All good in moderation. 

Cell Jerk Syndrome

portable-cell-phone-boothWe know overhearing someone’s cell phone conversation is annoying. But does the act of talking on the phone actually make you more of a jerk? Someone got the idea to dress someone up in a leg brace and have them walk by both people on their phones and people who weren’t and drop a stack of magazines.  To no one’s shock, the people on the phone were much less likely to pause and offer any help (9% vs. 72% for people not on the phone). At least it’s 9%. Had they been texting, they wouldn’t have seen him drop the magazines or realized anything was wrong!

Have you seen Prince George?!?!

Have you seen Prince George lately?!?! He is soooo adorable!


Prince William and Duchess Catherine are on tour in New Zealand and Australia, and they brought Prince George along for the ride. And you know what that means….




Someone check my temp…I may be catching baby fever after seeing this cutie! 


Check out this roly poly cutie if you haven’t yet. (Photos stolen from today.com)











Top 3 Things: Real Life Edition

There are things that exist in real life that you kind of just wish…didn’t. 


Here are the Top 3 Things that we’ll have to accept have happened. All we can do now is just try to move past it. 


#3 Awkward high-five rejections are the worst. It’s even worse when you know it was caught on camera for the world to see over and over. Ouch. 



#2 These two have gone through over 100 to look like Ken and Barbie. This is real. Those are real people. (Also, they are not a couple. What a waste.)


#1 This, you can actually laugh at and not cringe like the other two items on the list. CollegeHumor posted an article letting the whole world know about some knock off/bootleg childhood toys that are real life. Caution: These are hilarious with a touch of disturbing. 

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Just a tad terrifying.

Just a tad terrifying.



Don't feed Pooh after midnight, ya'll.

Don’t feed Pooh after midnight, ya’ll.


Til Twitter Do You Part

gty_twitter_ll_131202_16x9_992Twitter could be destroying your relationship. A guy doing doctoral research at the University of Missouri, says he’s found that active Twitter users are far more likely to experience Twitter–related conflict with their romantic partners. It’s hard to have it if you don’t use it, isn’t it?  The issue though is how Twitter chats seem to lead to conflict which then leads to negative relationship outcomes, including emotional and physical cheating, breakup and divorce. I’m going to guess the issue starts with your response to being questioned about your tweeting. “Stop nagging. I cut down on the video game time and I went to that stupid thing with your parents, what more do you want?” is probably not the best answer to give.