Frozen Fever!

Disney recently released stills from the upcoming “Frozen Fever” 7 minute short that will open for Disney’s live-action Cinderella…and I’m super excited!


According to USA today- the plot is that it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa is throwing her a birthday party…she wants everything to be perfect, because this is the first birthday that they’ve shared together (insert tears and awww! here!). Unfortunately, Elsa gets a cold…and it creates some havoc in the party planning and prepping.


Below are the 5 stills…and here are my thoughts on each!


Still 1: Elsa gets a new dress!!!

WAHOO!! Finally a wardrobe change for Elsa! Don’t get me wrong, she rocks that Ice blue like no one’s business, but she can at least switch it up every once in a while. LOVE the green she’s wearing too! (Yes, Anna is wearing some new threads too…but there’s five versions of that dress in her closet already).


Still 2: Anna still loves sleeping and can’t control that bed-head

Who doesn’t? and who can?


Still 3: It’s an outdoor sunflower themed party! 

True, nothing super special, but the 8 year old in me that was obsessed with sunflowers growing up is loving it. :)


Still 4: Olaf is back! 

We will see Kristoff and Sven too in the short.


Still 5: The Arendale Royal Family appreciates internet humor

This was apparently inspired by the “Awkward Family Photos” blog. Love it!

Top 3 Things: Dream-Inducing Edition

I have been on a pretty strict diet for the past month. Last night, I caved and ate an entire bag of Cheetos. Not my proudest moment.




The reason I’m sharing my weakness with you is because I had the craziest sequence of dreams last night! And I think it’s all because of the Cheetos! This thought led me to do more research.


Here are the Top 3 Things you can eat to give you trippy dreams:


#3 Pizza! You’re welcome. You now have a great reason to eat pizza right before bed. (Let’s face it, did you really need a reason?)


#2 Cinnamon. I don’t recommend eating this by the spoonful, but cinnamon has been shown to give people crazy weird and vivid dreams!


#1 British researchers gave 200 people cheese every night for a week before bed. No one had a nightmare but it did affect their dreams. People who ate cheddar dreamt about celebrities. While another British cheese, Red Leicester, sent people back to their schooldays. 


Have you experienced any foods giving you weird or vivid dreams?


Top 3 Things: Birthday Wish Edition

It’s my birthday! More specifically, it’s my golden birthday! I was unaware “golden birthdays” were even a thing until last week, but I’m pretty sure someone said that you are supposed to get EVERYTHING you want on your golden birthday. Right? (Just go with it…)


Here are the Top 3 Things that I would love for my birthday:


#3 All the cake! I’m on a diet right now that prevents me from eating any sugar or white flour. Soooo…cake is 100% off limits. Unless someone has a clever recipe that doesn’t have any of those things in it. Help a sister out! I miss cake.


#2 Come on. You know what I would really love for my birthday….



#1 My heart breaks when I think about our four-legged furry friends out in the cold and sans-snuggles. What I would love more than cake or even more than Benedict Cumberbatch (GASP!) is for everyone to help out our furry friends. The Humane Society of Johnson County has hundreds of cat shelters available. If you’ve noticed some feral or stray cats around your area, go pick up a shelter or two and help them stay warm throughout the rest of this winter.







Please send your gift ATTN to Joanna to the QMIX studios ;)

Top 3 Things: Spa Edition

For the first time this weekend, I experienced something physical that was so incredibly relaxing. I don’t understand why people don’t start their day off with it every morning. It was nothing short of magical and now that I’ve been through it once, I can’t wait to do it again.


Of course, I’m referring to my very first spa treatments! I had a facial and a full body massage and I would highly recommend doing it, if you haven’t already!


But like all first times, there were some pretty awkward moments. Although, I’m fairly certain that most of those awkward moments were just in my head.


And with that, here are the Top 3 Things that I thought about while going through my very first spa treatments:



#3 “Don’t make any weird sounds…don’t make any weird sounds…don’t make any weird sounds…don’t make any weird sounds…” Of course, it didn’t help that I had just watched this scene from Friends the day before…


#2 “Am I talking to much?…Am I not talking enough?” I didn’t want to be a rude massage-ee!


#1 “I wonder if she noticed that my legs are freshly shaved…?” It’s winter! This is the time of year when shaving is not required every day…week….month….or whatever. Of COURSE I made sure to basically give myself lots of pre-grooming so I wouldn’t be judged for my Chewbacca-legs.

Showering too much?

So the past couple days I’ve seen articles talking about if we shower too much as an American society…



Not gonna lie- I didn’t like the idea of someone telling me that I shower too much. I like being clean ok? :) Especially after a good sweaty workout! Plus that shower in the morning is the #1 way I wake up…with coffee or tea coming in at a close #2.


Most importantly…body odor stinks.



So I did some light research, and I’m glad that the Today show cleared up some of the initial statements about showering. You can check out the full article HERE, but here are some helpful tips help your skin out but not have to completely alter your bathroom routine.



 It’s not so much how often you bathe, but HOW you bathe that matters! We tend to do clean EVERYTHING every time we jump in the shower, but dermatologists recommend revising your shower “to-do” list. We’ve already heard that you aren’t supposed to wash your hair every time your in the shower (especially long hair), same goes for your body. Save the “whole body sudsing” for every other day (or every couple days even)  and  daily focus on the areas of your body that need it. Ex. places that stink first, like armpits and feet, and also areas that a bathing suit would cover.


Your skin knows what it’s doing. It naturally produces oil that not only helps keep your skin hydrated, but contains good bacteria to keep away infection. So over-washing can actually make your skin more prone to letting those infections into your body…ew.


 Time and Temp Dermatologists say that if you keep the shower short and use lukewarm water instead of hot water that helps your skin from drying out…especially in these cold winter months.


Are bath’s your thing? Soak and Smear! If a soak is more your style, make sure you keep the time down to 10 or 15 minutes, and then as soon as you are out apply lotion/moisturizer.


Remember little angels and senior saints don’t need to shower as often. Your child’s skin is more delicate and elderly skin is naturally drier.


Hopefully these little tips and tricks can help revamp your routine and you won’t have dry winter skin as bad this year!