Pink Lamborghini

I love these kind of heartwarming stories…especially when they involve pink cars!

Ray of Sunshine is an organization in Great Britain that is similar to the Make a Wish foundation here in the States. Recently, they granted an extra special and creative wish to 8 yr old Emilia, who is suffering from an unspecified, very rare lung condition that makes her reliant on constant oxygen.

Her wish? She wanted to ride in a PINK Lamborghini with Richard Hammond at the wheel (known for his hosting role on UK’s Top Gear and other car type things…hehe).

I love this. I love that Lamborghini was willing to paint one of their cars pink (temporarily) to fufill this lovely girls wish. I love that Richard Hammond agreed to this.

Excuse me while I turn into a puddle of goo…. :)

Here’s the Story I found on Yahoo:

And here’s the full video on youtube


-Sara Beth

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