Preach it J-Law!

Don’t worry Tina Fey, you will always be first in my heart when it comes to my favorite females….

But Jennifer Lawrence is climbing the charts….

Oh who am I kidding? She’s probably number 2 right now!

Jennifer Lawrence took some time during her crazy schedule and did a Q&A via Tumblr chat the other day, and in typical J-Law fashion just rocked it with her down to earth sassiness that makes all us females want to be her BFF.

Here are some highlights that are floating around the interwebs…

First off…LOVE her new pixie cut….

And she cut it for normal reasons, not Hollywood next role reasons…

I’ve always appreciated her stance on body image, and she once again drove it home that Hollywood needs to stop calling everyone fat.

I think ALL women young and old need to hear this everyday. Thank you Jennifer for speaking truth!

She also talked about her teen crushes…she mentioned Boy Meets World…yeah we would have been besties growing up :)

You can check out more highlights from the interview HERE, and check out the yahoo tumblr with more of the interview HERE.

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