The QMIX Impossible Question

December 6
QUESTION: 13% of men have admittedly done this once in their life

ANSWER: Tried on a bra


December 5

QUESTION: One of these is sold ever 1/2 second
ANSWER: Barbie


December 4

QUESTION: 1 in 20 people had this done by the end of November

ANSWER: Have their Christmas gifts wrapped.


December 3

QUESTION: This product if purchased by men 75% of the time...

ANSWER: Potato Chips


November 30 

QUESTION: This has dropped 98% over the last 25 years...

ANSWER: UFO sightings


November 29 
QUESTION: Only one in ficve families do this for the holidays...

ANSWER: Donate to a charity


November 28
QUESTION: Only about 13% of us will do this during the holiday season

ANSWER: Buy gifts with credit cards


November 27
QUESTION: The average woman will spend 48 days of her life doing this for her partner
ANSWER: Gift shopping 


November 26
QUESTION: The average person does this 5 times per day
ANSWER: Pay for something 

November 23

QUESTION: 43% of people who do this, do not find it enjoyable...

ANSWER: Black Friday shopping.


November 20

QUESTION: 85% of people who own one of these never use it.  We keep them in our homes...

ANSWER: A piano.


November 19

QUESTION: According to a recent survey, 21% of four year olds know how to use one of these...

ANSWER: A smart phone.



November 16

QUESTION: 3 out of 4 women surveyed say they wish their husbands would do this more often...

ANSWER: Hold hands.


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November 15

QUESTION: Less than 1 in 10 wives trust their husbands to do this correctly...

ANSWER: The laundry.



November 14

QUESTION: Only one in five women has one of these in her kitchen...

ANSWER: An apron.



November 13

QUESTION: According to USA Today, 26% of adults have never done this...

ANSWER: Write a check.



November 12

QUESTION: The average guy says that his wife or girlfriend makes him do this 4 times a year...

ANSWER: See a chick flick he had no intention of seeing.



November 9

QUESTION: 38% of singles say this is the best place to meet someone...

ANSWER: Starbucks.



November 8

QUESTION: They come in lots of colors, but the most common color is brown...what are they?

ANSWER: Wallets.



November 7

QUESTION: 90% of US homes have this in it right now...

ANSWER: Ice cream.



November 6

QUESTION: The average person does this 21 times a year...

ANSWER: Break the law.



November 5

QUESTION: The average American had close to 800 of these last year...

ANSWER: Soft drinks.



November 2

QUESTION: Just under 45% of men between the ages of 18-30 have this in common...

ANSWER: Live at home with parents.



November 1

QUESTION: According to the US Department of Defense, this happens over 250 times on an average day at the Pentagon...

ANSWER: Change light bulbs.



October 31

QUESTION: According to a recent survey, nearly 40% of people said that they, or someone they know, have done this...

ANSWER: Seen a ghost.



October 30

QUESTION: The average American consumes 3 pounds of this every year...

ANSWER: Peanut butter.



October 29

QUESTION: 65% of household still have at least one of these...

ANSWER: A cassette player.



October 26

QUESTION: Close to 30% of married couples say they fight about this most often...

ANSWER: Laundry.



October 25

QUESTION: On average women do this 5 times a day, guys do it 3 times...

ANSWER: Apologize.



October 24

QUESTION: New research says this happens more often between 8 and 9am than any other time...

ANSWER: Heart attacks.



October 23

QUESTION: 65% of business have banned these at work...

ANSWER: Flip flops.



October 22

QUESTION: A study says that women who do this are less likely to gain weight than women who don't.  What...

ANSWER: Drink wine.



October 19

QUESTION: The average driver will do this 9 times in their life...

ANSWER: Lock themselves out of their car.



October 18

QUESTION: 41% of Americans in a relationship have one of these they keep secret...

ANSWER: An email address.



October 17

QUESTION: When out on the town, 40% of women only do this if someone else does it first...

ANSWER: Order dessert.



October 16

QUESTION: The average American uses 13 of these a year...

ANSWER: Vacation days.



October 15

QUESTION: People will keep this 10 times longer if they like the color...

ANSWER: A business card.



October 12

QUESTION: The average American eats about 8 1/2 pounds of this per year...

ANSWER: Butter.



October 11

QUESTION: The average man does this six times per year...

ANSWER: Cries.



October 10

QUESTION: 37% of married couples in America don't share this...

ANSWER: Religious beliefs.



October 9

QUESTION: Doctors say we should do this every 3 months, but most of us almost never do it...

ANSWER: Flip the mattress.



October 8

QUESTION: According to a recent survey, only 22% of women say it's unforgivable to do this on a first date...

ANSWER: Forget her name.



October 5

QUESTION: The new world speed record for this is 80 MPH...

ANSWER: Riding lawn mower.



October 4

QUESTION: This fall employers will lose almost $20 billion in productivity from there employees doing this...

ANSWER: Fantasy Football.



October 3

QUESTION: About 1 out of every 5 cell phone users also have one of these...

ANSWER: Another cell phone.



October 2

QUESTION: 17% of men would trade their girlfriends for what?

ANSWER: A plasma TV.



October 1

QUESTION: A new survey says the number 1 thing that will get you out of a bad mood in the morning is _____...

ANSWER: Listening to the radio.



September 28

QUESTION: According to a University survey, women find these muscles to be the most sexy on a mans body...




September 27

QUESTION: Last year the average American did this 7.6 times...

ANSWER: Went to the movies.



September 26

QUESTION: Twice as many kids experience this today as did 5 years ago...

ANSWER: Peanut allergies.



September 25

QUESTION: 58% of us will do this in public, but only if someone is watching...

ANSWER: Wash your hands.



September 24

QUESTION: 43% of men only do this in the privacy of there own home...

ANSWER: Go shirtless.



September 21

QUESTION: If you're a guy and have one of these, half the women in a recent survey say you're a dork...

ANSWER: A bluetooth.



September 19

QUESTION: 70% of parents allow their children to do this on vacation, but not at home...

ANSWER: Jump on the bed.



September 18

QUESTION: The average American used 446 of these per year...

ANSWER: Gallons of gas.



September 17

QUESTION: The average person has 120 of these...

ANSWER: Facebook friends.



September 14

QUESTION: Every week on average, Americans will do this 3 times per weeks...

ANSWER: Eat dessert.




September 13

QUESTION: The average American eats 46 pounds of this a year...

ANSWER: Ice cream.




September 12

QUESTION: The average person will spend about 336 hours doing this in his or hers lifetime...

ANSWER: Kissing.




September 11

QUESTION: More people do this during the week than on weekends.  10 years ago, no one did it!





September 10

QUESTION: According to a recent survey, the top 3 things women do to ease their tension is to 1) vent to a friend, 2) go to the gym, and 3)...

ANSWER: Watch tv.




September 7

QUESTION: An average American family of four will do this about 100 times per year...

ANSWER: Change the toilet paper roll.




September 6

QUESTION: 54% of American households have three or more of these...





September 5

QUESTION: 45 million Americans have at least one of these.  17% wish they didn't.

ANSWER: A tatoo.




August 31

QUESTION: The average man carries 9 of these...3 of which are useless...





August 29

QUESTION: The average American will use one of these 81 times this year...





August 28

QUESTION: The average American eats just over 9 pounds of this per year...

ANSWER: Breakfast cereal.




August 27

QUESTION: You're twice as likely to do this on a Monday than any other day of the week...

ANSWER: Call in sick to work.




August 24

QUESTION: Ultimately, one of these will cost you about $6400.

ANSWER: A dog.




August 23

QUESTION: According to Women's World magazine, the average woman spends 200 hours a year here...

ANSWER: The grocery store.




August 22

QUESTION: 30% of people insist on taking this with them when they dine out...

ANSWER: Their own salad dressing.




August 21

QUESTION: 50% of people say if times got tough, this would be the first luxury to go...





August 20

QUESTION: Most men do this, but close to 90% of women say they can't...

ANSWER: Whistle.



August 17

QUESTION: It's just not for kids anymore.  25-55 year olds are the fastest growing group of people to engage in this activity...

ANSWER: Piano lessons.




August 16

QUESTION: 590 thousand towels are stolen from Holiday Inns each year, and housekeepers say it's not unusual for this to be stolen as well...

ANSWER: Batteries from the remote control.




August 15

QUESTION: When it comes to choosing a mate, this is more important than appearance to women...

ANSWER: His scent/smell.




August 14

QUESTION: Women are more likely to do this in the presence of a hot man...

ANSWER: Laugh.




August 13

QUESTION: People in the media consume the most alcohol.  What profession came in second?

ANSWER: Construction workers.




August 10

QUESTION: According to a resent survey, men say the cell phone is the best gadget ever invented.  What is the number one according to women?

ANSWER: Flat iron.




August 9

QUESTION: What state in the USA has the biggest State Fair?

ANSWER: Texas.




August 8

QUESTION: A survey found that 1 in 5 men are comfortable enough to do this after only 3 months in a relationship...

ANSWER: Share a toothbrush.




August 7

QUESTION: Nearly 15% of men do this at least once per year without telling their wives...

ANSWER: Gamble.




August 6

QUESTION: 68% of moms with school aged children will do this in the next couple of weeks...





August 3

QUESTION: 1 in 4 office workers have this on there desk, but less than 1/3 use it...

ANSWER: A paper weight.




August 2

QUESTION: 25% of couples that live together argue about this in the summer...

ANSWER: Mowing the lawn.




June 26

QUESTION: Compared to their mothers, today women have larger what...

ANSWER: Engagement rings.




June 25

QUESTION: 62% of women do this on vacation, but never at home.

ANSWER: Wear a bikini.




July 24

QUESTION: 25% of kids do chores.  The #1 chore is babysitting.  What's #2?

ANSWER: Washing the car.




July 23

QUESTION: Experts say you can fall asleep up to 27% faster if you do this...

ANSWER: Wear socks to bed.




July 20

QUESTION: 50% of us say we never use these anymore, yet we get new ones every year...

ANSWER: Telephone book.




July 19

QUESTION: 30 million Americans have one of these...

ANSWER: A tatoo.




July 18

QUESTION: You can increase your chance of having an idea if you do this...

ANSWER: Lie down.




July 17

QUESTION: If you make $75K or more a year, chances are you have 4 or more of these...

ANSWER: Watches.




July 16

QUESTION: Around the world this happens 70 to 100 times every second...

ANSWER: Lighting flashes.




July 13

QUESTION: In 1955 Americans purchased 70 million of these.  Now, more than 2 billion are purchased each year...

ANSWER: Frozen dinners.




July 12

QUESTION: On average, it takes people 7 minutes to do this...

ANSWER: Fall asleep.




July 11

QUESTION: Americans get about 350-million of these per day...

ANSWER: Cups of coffee.




July 10

QUESTION: The average person will go through 56 of these in his/her lifetime...

ANSWER: Toothbrushes.




July 9

QUESTION: 12% of Americans don't use this after they buy it...

ANSWER: A perscription.




July 6

QUESTION: Americans are expected to spend 21 billion dollars on this activity...

ANSWER: Gardening.




July 5

QUESTION: 93% of Americans buy at least one of these every month...

ANSWER: Pizza.




July 4

QUESTION: Independence Day was first celebrated on July 8, 1776 in what city...

ANSWER: Philadelphia.




July 3

QUESTION: 6 out of 10 travellers this 4th of July weekend say this is the most important consideration when choosing a hotel...what is it?

ANSWER: Free breakfast!




July 2

QUESTION: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, $2.8 million was spent to import what from China...

ANSWER: American flags.




June 29

QUESTION: 47% of us have done this without saying a word...

ANSWER: Dumped someone.




June 28

QUESTION: Open any freezer in America and you'll have a 1 in 6 chance of finding this...





June 27

QUESTION: The average man will spend 3300 hours in his lifetime doing this...

ANSWER: Shaving.




June 26

QUESTION: The average woman will spend about $3100 in her lifetime on this..

ANSWER: Mascara.




June 25

QUESTION: 1 in 100 American women will do this...

ANSWER: Give birth at home.




June 22

QUESTION: Americans used 870,000 tons of this last year...

ANSWER: Charcoal.




June 21

QUESTION: 30 years ago most Americans learned to do this.  Now it's down to 21% and shrinking...

ANSWER: Drive a stick shift.




June 20

QUESTION: 2% of Americans say they NEVER do this household task....

ANSWER: Clean the refrigerator.




June 19

QUESTION: The most borrowed items in America are books.  What's second on the list?

ANSWER: Jumper cables.



June 18

QUESTION: It's a bit old fashioned and only used a couple of times a year, yet a third of American households have one, what is it?

ANSWERS: A scrabble game.



June 15

QUESTION: 8 out of 10 U.S. households own one of these...what is it?

ANSWER: A grill.



June 14

QUESTION: Carnegie Hall hands these out for free before every preformance...what are they?

ANSWER: Cough drops (to keep the crowd quiet!)



June 13

QUESTION: Washington D.C. has more of these, per capita, than anywhere else in the U.S.

ANSWER: Psychiatrists.



June 12

QUESTION: According to CNN, 3/4 of divorce cases in the U.S., the women get this....what is it?

ANSWER: The pets!



June 11

QUESTION: According to Reader's Digest - people who own one of THESE replace them every 2 1/2 years on average because they get lost, stolen or broekn...What are they?
ANSWER: An Umbrella!



June 8

QUESTION: 1/4 of all women say this is the biggest turn-off.

ANSWER: Too much cologne.



June 7

QUESTION: Last year, Americans spent 5 billion dollars on this....

ANSWER: Tanning in tanning beds.



June 6

QUESTION: 14-16 months is the typical length of this.  What is it?

ANSWER: An engagment.



June 5

QUESTION: 95% of these are purchased by women....

ANSWER: Candles. 



June 4

QUESTION: What happens 100,000 times every day?

ANSWER: Someone gets a speeding ticket.



June 1

QUESTION: 24% of Americans say they have beautiful _______.




May 31

QUESTION: West Virginia residents are most likely to go here.  California residents are the least likely.

ANSWER: The emergency room.



May 30

QUESTION: 1.4 million Americans have one of these as part of the household...

ANSWER: A pet rabbit.



May 29

QUESTION: 16% of men do this when the temperature gets hot...

ANSWER: Shave their chest.



May 25

QUESTION: 67% of men own one, but only 49% have used it....

ANSWER: A cook book.



May 24

QUESTION: According to a survey, it's not a picnic, unless you have this...

ANSWER: A frisbee.



May 23

QUESTION: 7% of people say they have misplaced the tv remote here....

ANSWER: In their car.



May 22

QUESTION: 80% of moms do this when you're angry....

ANSWER: Take away their child's video games.



May 21

QUESTION: 25% of all pet owners have done this...what is it?

ANSWER: Tasted the pet's food.



May 18

QUESTION: About 6% of us never do thisqmf2012.shtmlwhat is it?

ANSWER: Eat breakfast.



May 17

QUESTION: Thanks to technology, it is almost unheard of today.  What?

ANSWER: Busy signal.



May 16

QUESTION: 80% of women say doing this one simple thing will put them in a better mood.

ANSWER: Putting on lipstick.



May 15

QUESTION: What is the most profitable food in the U.S.?

ANSWER: Pet Food. 



May 14

QUESTION: Close to 70% of these are purchased by women...

ANSWER: Ringtones.



May 11

QUESTION: If you are this, you earn $2,200 more a year than someone is isn't..

ANSWER: Left handed.



May 10

QUESTION: 14% of single people say they'd continue to date someone they didn't like because of this...

ANSWER: Their pet.



May 9

QUESTION: Most of us learned to do this in school, but now 89% can't do it now...

ANSWER: Read Roman numerals.



May 8

QUESTION: Your left hand handles this task 56% of the time...

ANSWER: Typing.



May 7

QUESTION: 1 in 2,000 babies is born with this...

ANSWER: A tooth.



May 3

QUESTION: 75% of married men don't know the name of their wife's ____.

ANSWER: Perfume. 



May 2

QUESTION: The average man first does this at the age of 34...

ANSWER: Trims his ear hair.



May 1

QUESTION: Women make up 23% of these.....

ANSWER: Golfers.



April 30

QUESTION: The average American has 13 of these.  But the average Canadian has twice as many....

ANSWER: Vacation days.



April 25

QUESTION: The average person has 1,460 of these every year....

ANSWER: Dreams.




April 24

QUESTION: 22% of twins share this trait...

ANSWER: They are left handed.




April 23

QUESTION: Women do this 3 times more than men.  But 50 years ago, it was total opposite.  What is it?

ANSWER: Take pictures.




April 20

QUESTION: The average person does this every 17 months.  What is it?ANSWER: Get a new cellphone. 



April 19

QUESTION: 6 out of 10 women say it’s a major turn-off when a man does this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Winks at them!



April 18

QUESTION:  Last year, Americans spent 4 billion dollars on this..

ANSWER:  Movies



April 17

QUESTION: Experts say you should do this at least once per year (but probably don’t).

ANSWER: Change your Pin # 


April 16

QUESTION: There are about 13,500 of these in the United States.

ANSWER: Radio Stations.  Both AM, FM commercial, and FM educational.

April 6
QUESTION: Today, 20% of women go without this.  In 1970, it was 10%.
ANSWER: Children


April 5
QUESTION: The average American buys 5 of these each year.
ANSWER: Movie tickets.

April 4
QUESTION: Close to 70% of people say they can't do this.
ANSWER: Yo-yo.

April 3
QUESTION: 25% of married couples have this in common.
ANSWER: They sleep in separate beds.

April 2
QUESTION: 35% of men say they always ask their wives' permission before doing this.
ANSWER: Adjusting the thermostat.

March 30
QUESTION: The average American spends 110 hours a year doing this.
ANSWER: Reading magazines.

March 29
QUESTION: By the time a child graduates high school, most will have eaten over 1,000 of these.
ANSWER: Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

March 28
QUESTION: The average man buys one of these every other year.
ANSWER: A new belt.

March 27
QUESTION: Over 50% of women say it's perfectly normal to pay $100 or more for this.
ANSWER: A bathing suit.

March 26
QUESTION: Just 35% of Americans say they can do this.
ANSWER: Drive a standard.

March 23
QUESTION: This is the item we lose most often.

March 22
QUESTION: Americans spend over $625 million on this every year.
ANSWER: Golf balls.

March 21
QUESTION: 33% of women say they'd rather go hungry than give this up.
ANSWER: Their hair appointment.

March 20
QUESTION: 55% of us did this when we were children, and it's not a good thing.
ANSWER: Cut our own hair.

March 19
QUESTION: The average for this is 9.5 years.
ANSWER: How long we keep a car.

March 16
QUESTION: Close to 9000 of these are sold each year and never used.
ANSWER: Marriage licenses.

March 15
QUESTION: The average American adult does this 4 times each day.
ANSWER: Start the car.

March 14
QUESTION: Over 50% of women say they do this better than their husbands.
ANSWER: Mow the lawn.

March 13
QUESTION: This is the germiest thing you encounter every day.
ANSWER: Shoes.

March 12
QUESTION: Most people think Dad is a better choice than Mom when it comes to this.
ANSWER: Teaching kids how to drive.

March 9
QUESTION: Over 50% of women say they'd prefer this over a diamond engagement ring.
ANSWER: A walk-in closet.

March 8
QUESTION: The average American does this for 19 hours each week.
ANSWER: Listen to the radio.

March 7
QUESTION: 75% of these are eaten at breakfast.
ANSWER: Raisins

March 6
QUESTION: Just over 25% of us have one of these at home.
ANSWER: A concert t-shirt.

March 5
QUESTION: If you're stressed out, doing this for 20 minutes a day should help.
ANSWER: Cleaning

March 1
QUESTION: We this an average of 5 times a day.

February 29
QUESTION: This is America's number one leisure activity.
ANSWER: Reading.

February 28
QUESTION: Over 40% of adults say they would pay extra for this at a restaurant.
ANSWER: A child-free zone.

February 27
QUESTION: 90% of us say we have no patience for this.
ANSWER: Listening to voicemail.

February 24
QUESTION: Over 30 million Americans are involved in this activity.
ANSWER: Member of a choir.

February 23
QUESTION: Close to 40% of Americans can't do this.
ANSWER: Touch their toes.

February 22
QUESTION: Most Americans say this is their biggest high school regret.
ANSWER: Not learning a second language.

February 21
QUESTION: Just over 10% of people admit to doing this at work at least once a month.

February 20
QUESTION: When it comes to cooking, just over half of Americans have done this.
ANSWER: Got a recipe from the Internet.

February 16
QUESTION: 7,000 Americans are injured doing this each year.
ANSWER: Falling off chairs.

February 15
QUESTION: In the US, the average one of these is 49 years old.
ANSWER: A nurse.

February 14
QUESTION: 15% of US women do this on Valentine's Day.
ANSWER: Send themselves flowers.

February 13
QUESTION: Over 10% of rented movies have this common link.
ANSWER: They're never watched.

February 10
QUESTION: 17% of men say this is their favorite place to hang out.
ANSWER: The garage.

February 9
QUESTION: The average live of this is 3 years.
ANSWER: Mouse pad

February 8
QUESTION: In 1970, 36% of these were women. That number is now up to almost 47%.
ANSWER: College graduates.

February 7
QUESTION: Over the last half century, over 150 billion of these have been sold.
ANSWER: Little Debbies.

February 6
QUESTION: 20% of us are guilty of doing this at least once a week.
ANSWER: Being late to work.

February 3
QUESTION: Just over 30% of women say they have done this.
ANSWER: Changed a tire.

February 2
QUESTION: The average American will spend close to 6 months doing this.
ANSWER: Sitting at a red light.

February 1
QUESTION: The average woman has had one of these for 14 years.
ANSWER: A best friend.

January 31
QUESTION: During a woman's lifetime, on average, she will spend over $50,000 on this.
ANSWER: Hair products.

January 30
QUESTION: 1/4 of adults in America did NOT do this last year.
ANSWER: Read a book.

January 27
QUESTION: 1/3 of men have done this.
ANSWER: Cried during a movie.

January 26
QUESTION: Over 60% of Americans, kids included, do this every day.
ANSWER: Drink milk.

January 25
QUESTION: Close to 33% of women have done this at least once in their lifetime.
ANSWER: Dyed their hair blond.

January 24
QUESTION: The average woman can do this for 47 hours.
ANSWER: Keep a secret.

January 23
QUESTION: Close to 10% of guys have never done this.
ANSWER: Laundry.

January 20
QUESTION: 80% of women say they dread this more than anything else.
ANSWER: Trying on clothes.

January 19
QUESTION: Over 85% of women will not date a man with this.
ANSWER: Gray hair.

January 18
QUESTION: 40% of Americans do this, even though it can make them really sick.
ANSWER: Eat raw cookie dough.

January 17
QUESTION: Close to half of Americans have admitted to stealing this at least once.
ANSWER: A pair of sunglasses.

January 16
QUESTION: There are over 16,000 places to do this in North America.
ANSWER: Play golf.

January 13
QUESTION: Most people get 3 of these every 10 years.
ANSWER: New bosses.

January 12
QUESTION: Only 7 out of every 1000 people will accomplish this.
ANSWER: Live to 100.

January 11
QUESTION: This happens to you about 3 times every month.
ANSWER: Your picture is taken.

January 10
QUESTION: 1/4 of women say this is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a hotel.
ANSWER: If it has a gym.

January 9
QUESTION: Over 40% of office workers say this was a result of starting a new job.
ANSWER: Weight gain.

January 6
QUESTION: The average cost of this is about $3,700 per hour.
ANSWER: A wedding

January 5
QUESTION: In your lifetime, you will spend close to $7,000 on this.
ANSWER: Snacks from a vending machine.

January 4
QUESTION: According to consumer research, the average life span of this is about 10 years.
ANSWER: Vacuum

January 3
QUESTION: Close to 20% of parents say they have regrets about this.
ANSWER: The name they chose for their child.

January 2
QUESTION: About 35% of Americans do this at least once a week.
ANSWER: Dial the wrong number.

December 30
QUESTION: When it comes to driving, women are better at this than men.
ANSWER: Using turn signals.

December 29
QUESTION: Just under 15% of men would be willing to do this for a 25% pay increase.
ANSWER: Wear makeup.

December 28
QUESTION: The average boy owns 3 of these.
ANSWER: Sports jerseys.

December 27
QUESTION: About 30% of people have a real problem with this.
ANSWER: Food touching on their plate.

December 26
QUESTION: The average American woman will do this over 6,000 times.
ANSWER: Step on a scale.

December 23
QUESTION: Husbands borrow this from their wives more than anything else.
ANSWER: Tweezers

December 22
QUESTION: Just over 5% of babies have this in common.
ANSWER: They're born on their due date.

December 21
QUESTION: 37% of people who have one of these stole it from someone else.
ANSWER: Lighter.

December 20
QUESTION: Wyoming has 55 of these...the least of any state in the U.S.
ANSWER: Shopping malls.

December 19
QUESTION: This word is misspelled most often on your grocery list.
ANSWER: Mayonnaise.

December 16
QUESTION: The average American spends $751 on this each year.
ANSWER: Christmas presents.

December 15
QUESTION: According to a recent survey, this is the number one most attractive skill a man can have.
ANSWER: The ability to cook.

December 14
QUESTION: What color is most likely to cause people to lose energy and feel tired?

December 13
QUESTION: On average, we do this about eleven hundred times per year.
ANSWER: Make a phone call.

December 12
QUESTION: 97 million people will do this during this month.
ANSWER: Visit the Post Office.

December 9
QUESTION: 1 in 3 people plan on doing this during the holiday season.
ANSWER: Re-gifting.

December 8
QUESTION: The average person will experience this by the age of 47.
ANSWER: Becoming a grandparent.

December 7
QUESTION: This will cause you to spend twice as much time cleaning your house.
ANSWER: Having the TV on.

December 6
QUESTION: More than 5% of people say they've lost their remote control and found it here.
ANSWER: In the car.

December 5
QUESTION: In this survey, 12% of homeowners say they have never done this. What?
ANSWER: Go in their attic.

December 2
QUESTION: This is the number one cause of a bad night's sleep.
ANSWER: Letting a pet sleep with you.

December 1
QUESTION: The average family throws out over 40 pounds of this every year.
ANSWER: Junk mail.

November 30
QUESTION: Close to 10% of Americans have this peculiar phobia. What are they scared of?
ANSWER: Balloons.

November 29
QUESTION: Americans make nearly 400 billion of these a year. That's about 750,000 every minute.
ANSWER: Photo copies.

November 28
QUESTION: On average, we do this 125 times per year.
ANSWER: Sneeze

November 23
QUESTION: 60% of people will make this part of their Thanksgiving celebration.
ANSWER: A nap.

November 22
QUESTION: 100 billion packages of this are made and sold every year.
ANSWER: Ramen noodles.

November 21
QUESTION: Americans spend $3.8 billion a year on this.
ANSWER: Holiday decorations.

November 18
QUESTION: Millions of people start these every day, but only 10% finish them.
ANSWER: Crossword puzzles.

November 17
QUESTION: We spend more on this when it's cloudy than when it's sunny.
ANSWER: Buy lottery tickets

November 16
QUESTION: Americans do this, on average, three times a week.
ANSWER: Eat dessert.

November 15
QUESTION: The average person does this 50 times a day.
ANSWER: Looks at their cell phone.

November 14
QUESTION: 70% of Americans never get this done on time.
ANSWER: Oil change.

November 11
QUESTION: Close to 15% of people say they look forward to the weekend for this reason.
ANSWER: Doing laundry.

November 10
QUESTION: According to a recent study, eating an ounce of this before bedtime can lead to happier dreams.
ANSWER: Cheese.

November 9
QUESTION: Close to 35% of us have gone to work wearing this.
ANSWER: A price tag.

November 8
QUESTION: Close to 20% of dogs and 7% of cats exhibit this human-like behavior.
ANSWER: Snoring

November 7
QUESTION: On average, you probably have about 8 of these in your home that you are not using.
ANSWER: Batteries.

November 4
QUESTION: 40% of women admit they base their first impression of someone on this.
ANSWER: Their shoes.

November 3
QUESTION: A new study claims this is the most dangerous food to eat while driving.
ANSWER: Potato chips.

November 2
QUESTION: Over 50% of women polled say this makes them the happiest.
ANSWER: Sleeping

November 1
QUESTION: The average child will eat 15 pounds of this in a year.
ANSWER: Cereal

October 31
QUESTION: Parents admitted to stealing this candy most out of their child's trick-or-treat bag.
ANSWER: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

October 28
QUESTION: This is the most common item left behind in a hotel room.
ANSWER: Cell phone charger.

October 27:
QUESTION: 27% of women say if a guy wears this on a first date, there won't be a second.
ANSWER: A bow tie.

October 26
QUESTION: Americans go through 400 million of these every day.
ANSWER: Cups of coffee.

October 25
QUESTION: A survey found Monopoly to be the #1 board game. This was #2.

October 24
QUESTION: About 1/4 of all women keep this in their purse.
ANSWER: A toothbrush.

October 21
QUESTION: According to a recent survey, having this will get a police officer more respect.
ANSWER: A mustache.

October 20
QUESTION: The average person spends 54 days doing this.
ANSWER: Kissing.

October 19
QUESTION: This food is consumed outside the home almost 90% of the time. What is it?
ANSWER: French fries.

October 18
QUESTION: The average one of these makes about 100 thousand dollars a year.
ANSWER: Slot machine

October 17
QUESTION: The average American goes through 734 of these each year.
ANSWER: Tissues

October 14
QUESTION: Friday at 4pm is the primary time people do this.
ANSWER: Order pizza

October 13
QUESTION: 73% of women carry one of these with them, compared to about 60% of men.
ANSWER: A library card.

October 12
QUESTION: 10% of us have one of these in our cars.
ANSWER: A french fry.

October 11
QUESTION: 85% of us don't trust our spouse to do this.
ANSWER: Wake us up in the morning.

October 10
QUESTION:  Practically every kid in America has these, but they're responsible for over 3,000 ER visits every year
ANSWER:  Crayons

October 6
QUESTION: 17 of these will be sold every second of the day today
ANSWER: Big Macs

October 5
QUESTION: This item was first introduced into night clubs in the 1920's
ANSWER: Mirror ball

October 4
QUESTION: 23% of working American women say in the past year they have missed a day of work because of this
ANSWER: Bad haircut

October 3
QUESTION: 28% of people carry this with them at all times
ANSWER: Chewing gum

September 30
QUESTION: 25% of Americans say they have never been in one of these
ANSWER: An Airplane

September 29
QUESTION: Only 30% of Americans have been to 10 or more of these....
ANSWER: States

September 28
QUESTION: 70% of women say any self respecting man should be able to do this...
ANSWER: Parallel Park

September 27
QUESTION: 44% of men who have done this wish they hadn't...
ANSWER: Gone into Delivery Room during childbirth

September 23
QUESTION: Those who purchase at least 3 of these every year are more likely to have leadership qualities...
ANSWER: Tennis Shoes

September 22
QUESTION: According to USA Today, about 20% of us have done this once in our lives. What is it?
ANSWER: Played in a band

September 21
QUESTION: 7% of grown Americans still have one of these...
ANSWER: Blacklight

September 20
QUESTION: On average a man will have none of these while women will have 4...
ANSWER: Decorative key chains

September 19
QUESTION: The average person will see 11 of these a year, IF they are looking...
ANSWER: Rainbows

September 16
QUESTION: 1 million of these are consumed worldwide each hour...
ANSWER: Aspirin

September 15
QUESTION: 83% of Americans believe these exist...
ANSWER: Soul Mates

September 14
QUESTION: Surveys say the #1 comfort food for women is ice cream. What food came in 2nd?
ANSWER: Mac & Chz

September 13
QUESTION: 25% of people do this at work to relax. Twice as many women than men...
ANSWER: take their shoes off

September 12
QUESTION: Experts say you should do this at least once a year but you probably don't.
ANSWER: change your pin #

September 8
QUESTION: 91% of the refridgerators in American contain this
ANSWER: Ketchup

September 7
QUESTION: This is the 9th most popular term of endearment and is used twice as much by men than women
ANSWER: Pumpkin

September 6
QUESTION: On average, parents tell their children to do this 4 times a week. 
ANSWER: Tie their shoes

September 2
QUESTION: Crayons are the most likely thing children will stick up their nose. What is 2nd?
ANSWER: French Fries

Aug. 31
QUESTION: These have 39 times more germs than a public toilet seat.
ANSWER: Elevator Buttons

Aug. 30
QUESTION: More than 30% of the American population will do this at least once in their lifetime.
ANSWER: Dye their hair

Aug. 29
QUESTION: Men spend 3 X as much money on this as women.
ANSWER: Tipping

Aug. 25
QUESTION: A Harvard study shows that people who eat this regularly live longer than those who don't.
ANSWER: Candy (Their idea of regular is 4 pieces per month)

Aug. 24
QUESTION: 25% of women have one of these in their purse, and it cost them nothing.

Aug. 23
QUESTION: People with this job walk an average of 791 miles a year.
ANSWER: Administrative Assistant/Secretary

Aug. 22
QUESTION: Who's the only actor to have a movie open at #1 in 5 different decades?
ANSWER: Sylvester Stallone

Aug. 19
QUESTION: What human medical condition are turkeys also susceptible to.
ANSWER: Heart Attacks

Aug. 18
QUESTION: When it comes to physical activity, more people ended up in the emergency room last year because of this.

Aug. 16
QUESTION: More than half the people in the world have never done this, but you have probably done it for years.
ANSWER: Talk on a phone

Aug. 15
QUESTION: When asked what they most regretted buying last year, 15% of people said this.

Aug. 12
QUESTION: On average, 1700 Americans a year go to the emergency room after injuring an eye with one of these.
ANSWER: Toothbrush

Aug. 11
QUESTION: A new study suggests that the more you do this, the easier it is.

Aug. 10
QUESTION: In the average office workplace, this has decreased 12% since 1994.
ANSWER: The size of the cubicle

Aug. 9
QUESTION: According to the FBI, almost 3 out of 4 of these are fake.
ANSWER: Autographs

Aug. 8
QUESTION: Men say their favorite compliment to hear is, "you're funny"! What was the top answer for women?
ANSWER: You have a nice smile!

Aug. 5
QUESTION: This activity in American homes has decreased by over 80% since 1960.
ANSWER: Taking a Bath

Aug. 4
QUESTION: 600 million of these will end up in American landfills this year.

Aug. 3
QUESTION: On average, this is at its peak between the ages of 25 & 30.
ANSWER: Your Memory

Aug. 2
QUESTION: What is the most asked for item at American restaurants?
ANSWER: Napkins

Aug. 1
QUESTION: You'll find these in almost 9 out of 10 homes in America.
ANSWER: Curtains

July 29
QUESTION: The #1 profession of characters in romance novels is doctor. What is #2?
ANSWER: Cowboy

July 28
QUESTION: 38 is the average age of someone who does this.
ANSWER: File Bankruptcy

July 27
QUESTION: About $3.2 Billion will be spent here in 2011; almost all of it in cash and on the weekend.
ANSWER: Flea Markets

July 26
QUESTION: This happens most often on Friday afternoon, peaking about 5:10pm.
ANSWER: Road Rage!

July 25
QUESTION: Men use over 95% of this on vacation, but women only use about 60% of this on vacation.
ANSWER: The clothes they packed

July 22
QUESTION: A decade ago there were 4 of these, but today there are over 300.
ANSWER: Reality Shows

July 21
QUESTION: 44% of Americans do this every day.
ANSWER: Take Vitamins

July 20
QUESTION: According to a new survey, what's the most annoying thing at the beach?
ANSWER: Smoking

July 19
QUESTION: Women said this is the most appealing skill a man can have.
ANSWER: The ability to cook

July 18
QUESTION: This product's sales increased by over 10% this year.
ANSWER: Sunscreen

July 15
QUESTION: Americans purchased 720 million of these last year.
ANSWER: Slices of Pie

July 14
QUESTION: This term, commonly used today was first coined at the World's Fair in 1904 in reference to hot dogs and ice cream.
ANSWER: Fast Food

July 13
QUESTION: July has more of these than any other month.
ANSWER: Birthdays

July 12
QUESTION: A study says the profession that gets the most headaches is this.
ANSWER: Accountant

July 11
QUESTION: Over the past year, sales of this men's fashion accessory have increased for the first time in 15 years.
ANSWER: The clip-on tie

July 8
QUESTION: When people were asked what they were most concerned about in the kitchen for their safety. the #1 answer was this.
ANSWER:  The Garbage Disposal

July 7
QUESTION: When adults were asked to recall the worst trouble they got into as kids, 39% of the stories involved this.
ANSWER: Their Pet

July 6
QUESTION: In a survey, 6 out of 10 women said they think a guy wearing this looks ridiculous.
ANSWER: Ponytail

July 5
QUESTION: This industry's sales are down as more people do the job themselves...with mixed results.
ANSWER: Cutting Hair

July 1
QUESTION: In a recent survey, Americans said their favorite smell is fresh__
ANSWER: Baked Bread

June 30
QUESTION: Sales of this product are down for the first time in 5 years, and that is good for the ecology.
ANSWER: Bottled Water

June 29
QUESTION: More than 9 out of 10 households in America purchase this food.
ANSWER: Ice Cream

June 28
QUESTION: 3 out of 4 American women have more than $400 worth of this and they can not use it.
ANSWER: Clothes that do not fit

June 27
QUESTION: Women say this is the most common "fashion crime" they see men commit.
ANSWER: Wearing pants that are too short

June 24
QUESTION: On average, we do this 30 times a year, but less as we get older.
ANSWER: Order Pizza

June 23
QUESTION: A majority of women say they are not interested in dating a man with this physical characteristic.
ANSWER: He weighs less than she does

June 22
QUESTION: Which American company is the world's largest consumer of iceberg lettuce?
ANSWER: Taco Bell

June 21
QUESTION: 80% of the money spent at this type of store is spent by women.
ANSWER: The Drug Store

June 20
QUESTION: Well over 2 billion square feet of space in America is dedicated to this.
ANSWER: Public Storage

June 17
QUESTION: 87 million Americans own a piece of clothing with this on it.
ANSWER: An American Flag

June 16
QUESTION: According to a study, the more education you have, the larger this is.
ANSWER: Your Signiture

June 15
QUESTION: According to a survey, after money and food, what do people want a life-time supply of?
ANSWER: Cable TV Service

June 14
QUESTION: There is a 12% chance you will do this at some point this weekend.

June 13
QUESTION: Neckties are still the most popular Father's Day gift, but in a recent survey, dads said this is the best gift.
ANSWER: Landscaping Services

June 10
QUESTION: The average American eats 42 servings of broccoli each year and 96 servings of this.
ANSWER: Ice Cream

June 9
QUESTION: 9% of pet owners say they do this for their pets.
ANSWER: Throw birthday parties for them

June 8
QUESTION: The average woman will have 111 of these in her lifetime.
ANSWER: Purses

June 7
QUESTION: What was Wabash, IN the first in the nation to have in 1880?
ANSWER: Electric Street Lights

June 6
QUESTION: This is the #1 profession of men who have had plastic surgery.
ANSWER: Lawyer

June 3
QUESTION: About 1 half of this year's college grads expect to do this for the summer.
ANSWER: Move back in with their parents

June 2
QUESTION: This person receives more mail than anyone else in the world.
ANSWER: The Pope

June 1
QUESTION: Of the top grocery items purchased in the U.S., one is not a food or beverage. What is it?
ANSWER: Toilet paper

MAY 31
QUESTION: It has been reported that Americans take more pictures at these events than any other.
ANSWER: Automobile Racing

May 27
QUESTION: Experts say this animal is most likely to appear in women's dreams.

May 25
QUESTION: The increase in the consumption of this food is being called the #1 food trend of the last decade.
ANSWER: Yogurt

May 24
QUESTION: When it comes to NOT getting work done in the office, 16% of people blame this.
ANSWER: The Temperature

May 23
QUESTION: 24% of women say they wish they could change this about their man.
ANSWER: His Hair style

May 20
QUESTION: Although it is commonly expected in the work place, 4 out of 10 employees will not do this at work today.
ANSWER: Take a lunch break

May 19
QUESTION: If you are average, you will buy 12 of these this year and spend about $117 on them.
ANSWER: Bottles of Wine

May 18
QUESTION: Only 10% of people will be part of this money saving effort today.
ANSWER: Car Pooling

May 17
QUESTION: Doctors say that most people need to do this more.

May 16
QUESTION: In the last decade, the amount of people seeking help for this condition has increased over 60%.
ANSWER: Snoring

May 13
QUESTION: 53% of women say it is impossible to find one of these they are happy with.
ANSWER: Bathing Suit

May 12
QUESTION: The Wife makes this decision in 85% of marriages.
ANSWER: Toilet Paper

May 11
QUESTION: The average person will do this almost 1500 times a year.

May 10
QUESTION: About 1/3 of Americans use 2 of these everyday.
ANSWER: Alarm Clocks

May 9
QUESTION: 52% of families said this is the first household expense they cut when times get tough.

May 5
QUESTION: Americans eat about 130 pounds of this each year. The largest one in history weighed about 18 pounds.
ANSWER: Potatoes

May 4
QUESTION: The average American goes through 300 of these per year.
ANSWER: Pieces of Gum

May 3
QUESTION: It's estimated that 32% of parents now send their kids to school with this everyday. It is something we did not have as kids.
ANSWER: Hand Sanitizer

May 2
QUESTION: The sales of this item has gone up 50% in large part because of economic uncertainty.
ANSWER: Home Safes

April 29
QUESTION: Women have $60 million worth of surgery each year because of this.
ANSWER: Wearing High Heels

April 28
QUESTION: The number of people doing this now is the lowest it has been in more than 2 decades.
ANSWER: Dieting

April 27
QUESTION: 24% of Americans say they have beautiful ______.

April 26
QUESTION: About 15% of us have one of these in our homes.
ANSWER: Pool Table

April 25
QUESTION: Experts claim this is the person adults lie to the most.

April 22
QUESTION: Scientists say there are 52 different ways that human beings do this.

April 18
QUESTION: What is the number 1 publication read in the bathroom?
ANSWER: Reader's Digest

April 15
QUESTION: 2 and a half billion people are expected to do this in April.
ANSWER: Watch the Royal Wedding

April 14
QUESTION: The average person sees 2,000 of these a month.
ANSWER: Web Pages

April 13
QUESTION: The average person does this 4 times a week.
ANSWER: Recite a famous movie line

April 12
QUESTION: The older you get the less you do this.

April 11
QUESTION: Around 17 thousand of these were left in pants pockets dropped off for dry cleaning last year.
ANSWER: Flash Drives

April 8
QUESTION: Only about 37% of us qualify to do this.
ANSWER: Give Blood

April 7
QUESTION: What is the 3rd most used language in America?
ANSWER: Sign Language

April 6
QUESTION: 3 out of 4 men don't know this about their wife.
ANSWER: The name of their perfume

April 5
question: Around 75% of homes in America have one of these and they are used about 5 times a month.

April 4
QUESTION: If you are the average American, you'll see 18.7 different ones of these in your lifetime.
ANSWER: Doctors

April 1
QUESTION: Experts say, your performance in this ability peaks after age 35.
ANSWER: Spelling

March 31
QUESTION: More than 80,000 people in America needed emergency care last year because of injuries related to this.
ANSWER: Lawnmowers

March 30
QUESTION: After their cell phone and I-pod, what is 3rd on a teenagers list of must-have items if stranded on a desert island?

March 29
QUESTION: Women are 4 times more likely to do this than men.
ANSWER: Shoplift

March 28
QUESTION: According to statistics, during a bad economy, women shoppers buy more of this.
ANSWER: Lipstick

March 25
QUESTION: During their lifetime, the average person buys 7 of these for their home.
ANSWER: Washing Machine

March 24
QUESTION: If you have one of these, chances are you are embarrassed by it.
ANSWER: Drivers license photograph

March 23
QUESTION: A recent study at University of Arizona says, THIS has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
ANSWER: The Office Desktop

March 22
QUESTION: More of these are given as gifts than are purchased for ourselves. What is it?
ANSWER: Blenders

March 21
QUESTION: This food is consumed outside the home 90% of the time. What is it?
ANSWER: French Fries

March 18
QUESTION: What is the most profitable food sold in the U.S.
ANSWER: Dog Food

March 17
QUESTION: Half of men love this, the other half hate this on a woman.
ANSWER: Red Lipstick

March 16
QUESTION: A new survey reveals that over the course of her lifetime, a woman will spend $54,000 on what?
ANSWER: Hair Care Products

March 15
QUESTION: This is the 3rd most popular/played song in American History behind Happy Birthday and the Star Spangled Banner.
ANSWER: Take me out to the ballgame

March 14
QUESTION: A survey says that Americans eat enough of this in 1 year to almost fill the Grand Canyon.
ANSWER: Cool Whip

March 11
QUESTION:  Half of the world's supply of "this" is sold in the USA.
ANSWER: Diamonds

March 10
QUESTION: Only 10% of people do this before buying a house.
ANSWER: Meet their neighbors

March 9
QUESTION: 1 in 3 men say this is their lifelong dream.
ANSWER: Own a Bar

March 8
QUESTION: A baby's first two words are typically "momma" and "dadda" what is the most common third word?

March 7
QUESTION: Every year about 800 million of these are used.
ANSWER: Golf Balls

March 4
QUESTION: On average, you use one of these ten times a day.
ANSWER: A Trash Can

March 3
QUESTION:  We see these all the time. The average one is 24 years old.
ANSWER: Telephone Pole

March 2
QUESTION: 48% of Americans say this is their favorite leisure activity.
ANSWER: Eating

March 1
QUESTION: 42% of Americans say they have never experienced this.

February 28
QUESTION: According to researchers, you are 30% to 40% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease if you have one of these in your home.

February 25
QUESTION: 37% of people who have one of these stole it from someone else.
ANSWER: A Lighter

February 24
QUESTION: A recent study shows that the more of this you have... apparently, the more intelligent you tend to be.
ANSWER: Body Hair

February 23
QUESTION: Experts say that your luggage will never be stolen if you do this.
ANSWER: Buy Ugly Bags

February 22
QUESTION: According to USA Today, the amount of people doing this has decreased 27% since 1975.
ANSWER: Hunting

February 21
QUESTION: If you want to meet people at a party, social experts say you should do this.
ANSWER: Stand by the buffet

February 18
QUESTION: 1 in 7 women will accept a date with a man for THIS reason alone
ANSWER: A free meal

February 17
QUESTION: What is the loudest animal on Earth
ANSWER: Blue Whale

February 16
QUESTION: Average age of this item found in your house is 2.7 years old

February 15
QUESTION: 40% of us have this wish in common
ANSWER: that we were taller

February 14
QUESTION: This is the #1 thing to look at to instantly reduce stress
ANSWER: ocean

February 11
QUESTION: Single women say this is the worst activity for a guy to take them on a first date
ANSWER: mini golf

February 10
QUESTION: 50% of adults have at least one of these in their bedroom
ANSWER: night lights

February 9
QUESTION: Married couples are more likely to do this than anyone else

February 8
QUESTION: 53% of men have pretended to like this one thing to stay in a relationship with a woman they really like
ANSWER: Her cat

February 7
QUESTION: The better looking you are the more you'll have this negative thing happen to you
ANSWER: be lied to

February 4
QUESTION: The 3 inanimate objects most frequently involved in injury are bicycles, stairs, and this
ANSWER: Footballs

February 3
QUESTION: The first one of these had a top speed of 6 mph
ANSWER: rollercoaster

February 2
QUESTION: Flordia has more of these than any other state while Hawaii has none 
ANSWER: Billboards

February 1
QUESTION: The temperature of this has risen 20 degress since 1994
ANSWER: fast food coffee

January 31
QUESTION: 7 out of 10 female executives say doing this gives them the best edge in the business world.

January 28
QUESTION: Men are 4 times more likely to have this happen to them than women
ANSWER: struck by lightening

January 27
QUESTION: 2,000 people worldwide are injured each year in the kitchen by doing this
ANSWER: Prying frozen food apart. 

January 26
QUESTION: 43,000 men are injured every year doing this
ANSWER: Cleaning house

January 25
QUESTION: We spend 23 minutes of every day doing this
ANSWER: blinking

January 24
QUESTION: Guy are 28% more likely to have a heart attack on a day when this happens
ANSWER: Their football team loses. 

January 21
QUESTION: Americans throw away 570 of these every second.
ANSWER: diapers

January 20 
QUESTION: This is responsible for 15,600 household fires annually
ANSWER: dryer lint

January 19
QUESTION: The average american has 6 of these that they got for free
ANSWER: coffee mugs.

January 18
QUESTION: Doing this in the middle of the day can boost your energy by 30%
ANSWER: Brushing your teeth

January 17
QUESTION: Almost all of us want one, but but 21% of us refuse to eat them
ANSWER: Fortune Cookie

January 13 
QUESTION:These have drastically decreased in the workplace over the last 10 years. What are they?

January 12 
QUESTION:33% of guys say that they will ignore this for a few days hoping someone else will take care of it - what is it? 
ANSWER: Change a lightbulb

January 11 
QUESTION:Oddly enough, 7% of adults can't do this basic physical thing. What is it?
ANSWER:Snap their fingers

January 10 
QUESTION:What food is thrown away most?

January 7 
QUESTION:The average American woman owns 4 of these but only uses 2. What is it?

January 5 
QUESTION:Men with one of these earn 22% more than men without one. What is it?

January 3 
QUESTION:It's very common today, but men did not start wearing these until the 1900's. What are they?
ANSWER:Wedding Rings

December 30 
QUESTION:9 out of 10 women say they are embarrassed to ask for this - what is it?
ANSWER:A raise

December 29 
QUESTION: Over 70,000 of these are stolen out of cars every year. What are they?

December 28
QUESTION: 1 in every 5 married couples believe this is the best way to avoid arguments. What is it?
ANSWER: have separate checking accounts

December 27
QUESTION: 64% of us played this game as a kid. Some of us still try, but it becomes more difficult every year. What is it? 
ANSWER: Twister

December 23
QUESTION: Over half the people surveyed said they would definitely re-gift this if they were given it this year. 
ANSWER: Candles

December 22
QUESTION: What do shoppers say is the most annoying thing stores do during the holiday season? 
ANSWER: They don't open enough check-out lanes

December 21
QUESTION: On average, Americans will spend 2 hours this holiday season doing this. What is it?
ANSWER: Wrapping Presents

December 20
QUESTION:17% of people say they plan to give this as a Christmas gift this year. What is it?
ANSWER: Something Homemade

December 17
QUESTION:Adults complain about this now. 15 years ago people never complained about it.  What is it?
ANSWER:Holiday decorations





December 16
QUESTION:Adults are three times more likely to do this in the morning, compared to at night.   What is it?
ANSWER: Yell at someone

December 15
QUESTION: Studies have shown that falling snow has this effect on a majority of people.  What is it? 
ANSWER:Makes people more romantic

December 14
QUESTION: Survey asked kids what they want to be when they grow up, majority said it would be fun to work here.
ANSWER: Disney

December 13
QUESTION: According to the Wall Street Journal, the avg American had 789 of these last year.
ANSWER: Soft Drinks

December 10
QUESTION: The average parent spends six and a half days each year doing this.
ANSWER: driving kids around

December 9
QUESTION: In a recent poll, this was listed as the modern convenience that would be hardest to live without.
ANSWER: Microwave

December 8
QUESTION: Over 400 Thousand people can say they crashed their cars because they were distracted by this.
ANSWER: Christmas Lights

December 7
QUESTION: When you buy this you are paying a 900 percent mark up?
ANSWER: Movie Theatre Popcorn

December 6
QUESTION: When surveyed, men said they wished their significant other did this more often.

December 3
QUESTION: Women think about this 43 times a day

December 2
QUESTION: Studies show that if you have too many of these your coworkers see you as less professional 
ANSWER:  Family Pictures

December 1
QUESTION: 44% of people describe themselves as being excellent at this
ANSWER: dancing

November 30
QUESTION: 1/3 of women do this after breaking up with someone
ANSWER: change their hair

November 29
QUESTION: On average men spend more that 70 minutes a day doing this, but women only spend about 50 minutes
ANSWER: Gossiping

November 24
QUESTION:625,000 of these are lost in airports every year 
ANSWER: laptops

November 23
QUESTION:20% of women say they would never do this in front of a man
ANSWER: Exercise

November 22
QUESTION: Most people use this about 81 times a year

November 19
QUESTION: What is the best selling item at warehouse club stores?
ANSWER: Toilet Paper

November 18
QUESTION: This is the number 1 lie told in the workplace
ANSWER: Someone is in a meeting. 

November 17
QUESTION: The average 50 year old will have spent 5 years of their life doing this
ANSWER: Looking in the mirror

November 16
QUESTION: This topped the list of the most inappropriate places to flirt.
ANSWER: The Doctors Office 

November 15
QUESTION: Dentists say this is the most annoying thing their patients do while in the dentist's chair
ANSWER: Use their cell phone

November 12
QUESTION: More books have been written about this game than any other

November 11
QUESTION:58% of American women say they lose interest in a guy on the first date if he has this
ANSWER: a dirty car

November 10
QUESTION: 1/3 of women say this food reminds them of their husbands
ANSWER: potatoes

November 9
QUESTION: Restaurant servers who do this average 30% more tips than those who don't
ANSWER: Introduce themself by name

November 8
QUESTION:When asked "what's the most annoying sound you can think of?" 10% of people said this
ANSWER: sniffling of a runny nose

November 5
QUESTION: 78% of americans say they have one of these but it rarely works
ANSWER: flashlight

November 4
QUESTION: An average of 15 hundred people a year in new york city are bitten by this
ANSWER: Another person

November 3
QUESTION: THis happened for the first time in 1971. Now it's commonplace
ANSWER: email

November 2
QUESTION: Somewhere in the world one of these get togethers begins every 3 seconds
ANSWER: tupperware party

October 26
QUESTION: This is the second most forgotten thing by adults
ANSWER: why they went to the store

October 22
QUESTION: When asked to describe their dream vacation in one word, the word most often used by men was this
ANSWER: golf

October 21
QUESTION: Almost half of workers said this is the perk they want most oon the job
ANSWER: free soda

October 20
QUESTION: 15% of women said they have told a first date they hate it when a man does this, but the guy continues to do it
ANSWER: wear too much cologne

October 19
QUESTION: 1 in every 200,000 people have a fear of touching this

October 18
QUESTION: 43% of women wear this to bed at night
ANSWER: make-up

October 15
QUESTION: 25% of men admit to wearing this womens item at least once in their life
ANSWER: lipstick

October 14
QUESTION: We think of this as something for kids but 70% of adults can't make it work.
ANSWER: yo-yo

October 13
QUESTION: 25% of people say this is where they come up with the best ideas 
ANSWER: in the shower

October 12
QUESTION: 73% of women have this in their purse right now
ANSWER: pain reliever

October 11
QUESTION: 30% of men wish their wife would stop doing this in the bathroom
ANSWER: talking to them

October 8QUESTION: 6 in 10 workers say they have caught their boss doing this on the job
ANSWER: playing online games

October 7
QUESTION: a survey found that men who do this are more motivated, take on tougher jobs, and help more around the house than men who dont.
ANSWER: watch baseballl

October 6
QUESTION: more than 40% of moms follow this rule around the house
ANSWER: 5 second rule

October 5
QUESTION: according to experts 75% of americans do this too much
ANSWER: Wash our hair

October 4
QUESTION:3 out of 4 men believe they have more natural ability at this than women
ANSWER: telling a joke

October 1
QUESTION: 11% of women said they would never want their mothers to see this
ANSWER: Inside of their fridge

September 30
QUESTION: One out of five people have admitted to doing this in someone elses home
ANSWER: changing the way the toilet paper hangs

September 29
QUESTION:More that 75% of Americans under the age of 18 have never touched one of these
ANSWER: postage stamp

September 28
QUESTION: 21% of people have lost this while on vacation
ANSWER: a tooth

September 27
QUESTION: 17% of people blame this for their lack of productivity at work
ANSWER: temperature

September 24
QUESTION: Even thought this puts them at risk over half of Americans don't follow this safety precaution
ANSWER: Wash their vegetables.

September 22
QUESTION: 50% of women polled claim to have this advantage in the workplace
ANSWER: smarter than their boss

 September 21
QUESTION: According to research Americans bought 10 billion of these last year
ANSWER: Donuts

September 20
QUESTION: The average household lose 3 of these per year
ANSWER: fork

September 17
QUESTION: What is the most popular tattoo for a woman over 50

September 16
QUESTION:According to a recent survey more women are likely to this this on vacation than men

September 14
QUESTION:According to relationship websites what is the most heartless place for a breakup?
ANSWER: At a wedding

September 13
QUESTION: The average cose of one is $149 and more than 100,000 people will get one today
ANSWER: speeding ticket

September 10
QUESTION: Americans lose over $5 million a year by NOT doing this
ANSWER: redeeming winning lottery tickets

September 9
QUESTION: Whats the number 1 thing moms day dream about
ANSWER: winning the lottery

September 8
QUESTION:More women than men are willing to take time to make money by doing this
ANSWER: picking up a penny

September 7
QUESTION:90% of us have never used this benefit
ANSWER: Frequent Flyer Miles

September 3
QUESTION:The most popular time for this to happen is friday at 4pm
ANSWER: Order pizza

September 2
QUESTION: 97% of women say this is a date ending turn off
ANSWER: seeing a guys dirty bathroom


September 1
QUESTION: Once we do this at work 46% of us will never do it again
ANSWER: change voice mail greeting

August 31
QUESTION: more people use a blue one of these than any other color
ANSWER: tooth brush

August 30
QUESTION: 20% of couples say they argue about this the most 
ANSWER: food

August 27
QUESTION: 40% of women do something ever day that men hate 
ANSWER: too much perfume

August 26
QUESTION: 15% of Americans have never been to one of these
ANSWER: concert

August 25
QUESTION: we can't touch it, hold it, smell it, or taste it, but the average person sees one 11 times a year
ANSWER: a rainbow

August 24
QUESTION: 31% of us have done this more than once with the same person
ANSWER: broken up with 

August 23
QUESTION: 13% of people have called the police on their neighbor for this
ANSWER: barking dog

August 20
QUESTION: 30% of men have cried while doing this
ANSWER: watching a sporting event

August 19
QUESTION: 53% of women surveyed say they are most competitive with their friends about this
ANSWER: weight

August 18
QUESTION: Average guy eats 50 pounds of this each year
ANSWER: pork

August 17
QUESTION: 80% of women say doing this makes them feel independent
ANSWER: Using their own tools

August 16
QUESTION: Americans own 73 million of these
ANSWER: dogs

August 13
QUESTION: 1 in every 6 Americans have these
ANSWER: blue eyes

August 12
QUESTION: Chances are if you're a woman you'll do this at least 4 times a year
ANSWER: buy shoes

August 11
QUESTION: 70% of college students admit to borrowing this item from their roommate
ANSWER: tooth brush

August 10
QUESTION: 20 million of us will have to experience one of these some time today
ANSWER: headache

August 9
QUESTION: Americans discard over 350,000 of these a day 
ANSWER: cell phones

August 6
QUESTION: Over half of all parents say doing this makes them feel younger
ANSWER: texting their kids

August 5
QUESTION: 27% of men do this at least one a week
ANSWER: Wash their car

August 4
QUESTION: 4 out of 10 women are doing this right now
ANSWER: dieting

August 3
QUESTION: Majority of married women still wear this. Something they wore on their wedding day
ANSWER: Same perfume

August 2
QUESTION: 81% of Americans do this FIRST thing in the morning
ANSWER: Check their phone

July 30
QUESTION: Just thinking about this will give you an instant energy boost 
ANSWER: favorite song

July 29
QUESTION: The average man will only do this 6 times a year 
ANSWER: go to a movie

July 28
QUESTION: Americans do this 5 years earlier than we did in the 70's 
ANSWER: Turn gray

July 27
QUESTION: More than half of women and at least 10% of guys keep this hidden
ANSWER: Their real hair color

July 26
QUESTION: This is what irritates people most about their neighbors
ASNWER:  Parking in front of their yard

July 23
QUESTION: This shortens your lifespan by 15 years 
ANSWER: constant worrying

July 22
QUESTION: The majority of people prefer these to be straight. 
ANSWER: Straws

July 21
QUESTION: 3 out of every 10 women say they always have this in their car or office
ANSWER: gym bag

July 20
QUESTION: According to a pet store survey this is the most popular name for a goldfish

July 19
QUESTION: 31% of married men say they have never done this
ANSWER: bought flowers for their wife

July 16
QUESTION: The average one of these lasts about 5 days and is used by other people 
ANSWER: Roll of toilet paper

July 15
QUESTION: The average woman does this 5 times a day the average man does it 3
ANSWER: Apologize

July 14
QUESTION: More than 60 million of these are produced every day
ANSWER: Tootsie Rolls

July 13
QUESTION: 13% of women say this is the best place to meet a man
ANSWER: Post Office

July 12
QUESTION: this is the product we most buy with a coupon
ANSWER: deoderant

 July 9
QUESTION: 50% of American women who earn at least $75,000 a year have this in common
ANSWER: no kids

July 8
QUESTION:According to triple A - 25% of women have this in their glove compartment
ANSWER: A pair of undies

July 7
QUESTION: Chances are you'll go through 15 gallons of these in your lifetime
ANSWER: tears

July 6
QUESTION: it's likely that if you or your spouse do this, your child will do it by age 1
ANSWER: snore

July 5
QUESTION: People are less likely to do this on Tuesday than any other day of the week
ANSWER: get gas in their car

July 2
QUESTION: Recent survey asked men to name the oldest thing they have
ANSWER: baseball glove

July 1
QUESTION: Insurance experts say about 6 thousand accidents every year are caused by this
ANSWER: getting sick while driving

June 30
QUESTION: 70% of women say they are definitely better at this than their husbands
ANSWER: Parenting

June 29
QUESTION: According to Time Magazine the word "Amen" is the #1 most shared word over 10 languages. What is #2?

June 28
QUESTION: Studies show that 22% of adults do this on a hot summer day 
ANSWER: Eat popsicles

June 25
QUESTION: In 1983 debuted this
ANSWER: moonwalk

June 24
QUESTION:On average you'll do this 4 times a day and you'll do the opposite  4 times as well
ANSWER: Start and stop your car

June 23
QUESTION: People from New Jersey are #2 in the country when it comes to using this. People from Mississippi are least likely to use it
ANSWER: Passport

June 21
QUESTION: Scientists say that a womans brain makes them better than men at  multi-tasking, but men are superior when doing this
ANSWER: Parallel Parking

June 18
QUESTION: He is considered the top TV dad of all time
ANSWER: Mike Brady

June 17
QUESTION: in 1920 the U.S. Postal service made it illegal to mail this
ANSWER: a child

June 16
QUESTION:According to Readers Digest - 7 out of 10 people say they could probably do this after seeing it on TV

June 15
QUESTION: According to GQ Magazine 42% of married men do this within the first 5 years of marriage
ANSWER: lose their wedding ring

June 14
QUESTION:According to USA Today the average one of these is designed to last around 180 days, but most are used well beyond that

June 11
QUESTION: Americans say this is their favorite snack machine food
ANSWER: snickers

June 10
QUESTION:28% of Americans admit to doing this, even though they know it's wrong
ANSWER: Parking in a handicapped spot

June 9
QUESTION: On average 66% of us eat this every day
ANSWER: cereal

June 8
QUESTION:58% will do this in public only if someone is watching
ANSWER: wash their hands after using the restroom

June 7
QUESTION: 75% of women love this about their man, the rest think its gross
ANSWER: chest hair

June 4
QUESTION: The average American will do this 22 times a day
ANSWER: open the fridge

June 3
QUESTION:A recent survey showed medicine is the most shoplifted item. What's the 2nd?
ANSWER: pregnancy tests

June 2
QUESTION: In a recent survey women were asked what they wish their mans mom had taught him
ANSWER: iron his clothes

June 1
QUESTION:It's normal for children to be afraid of this, but weird of adults are
ANSWER: strangers

May 28
QUESTION: It's predicted that more than 1 million of these will be purchased this year, but 62% will never be used
ANSWER: bathing suits

May 27
QUESTION: 52% of moms say it they did this it would make them a better parent
ANSWER: get more sleep

May 26
QUESTION: 15% of Americans admit they secretly do this 
ANSWER: Bite their toenails

May 25
QUESTION: Research has shown that guys feel sexy when they smell this
ANSWER: pumpkin pie

May 24
QUESTION: This was illegal in most states in 1981. Now it's legal everywhere and over 1 million children do it today
ANSWER:Home school

May 20
QUESTION: During poor economic times sales of these increase
ANSWER: cookbooks

May 19
QUESTION: 27% of married couples say they fight about this most
ANSWER: Laundry

May 18
QUESTION:Studies show people who did this while they worked out lost twice as much weight as people who didn't
ANSWER: Listened to music 

May 17
QUESTION: 60% of Facebook users and 54% of Twitter users have this in common
ANSWER: They're female

May 14
QUESTION: Instead of being where they are supposed to be over five million of these end up in the trash each year
ANSWER: TV Remotes

May 13
QUESTION: You have no control over this, but it will happen on average, 1,460 times in a year

May 12
QUESTION: 1/3 of American children are forced to do this against their will
ANSWER: Play and instrument

May 11
QUESTION: 90% of these in the world occur in the U.S
ANSWER: Tornados

May 10
QUESTION: Contrary to what most of us believe more women than men buy more of these on an annual basis
ANSWER: flowers

May 7
QUESTION: Over 5 million pounds of these are sold in the U.S. each year
ANSWER: Raisins

May 6
QUESTION: Recent survey asked what would you say was the best gadget invented. Men said cell phone. What did women say?
ANSWER: Hair straightener

May 5
QUESTION: Married people are more likely to participate in this activity than people who are single, widowed, or divorced
ANSWER: Voting

May 4
QUESTION: 29% of people use this excuse to get out of work. 
ANSWER: my kid is sick

May 3
QUESTION: Women spend six hours of their life doing this task
ANSWER: shaving their legs

April 30
QUESTION:it takes the average person between 5 and 7 minutes to do this
ANSWER: have a dream

April 29
QUESTION: the average person does this 70 times per day
ANSWER: complain

April 28th
QUESTION: Studies show people who did this while working out lost twice as much weight as people who didn't
ANSWER:listened to music

April 27
QUESTION: 25% of families argue about this on a weekly basis
ANSWER: who will mow the yard

April 26
QUESTION: In a social setting 2 out of 5 people will lie about this
ANSWER: favorite sports teams

April 23
QUESTION: Workers say that since starting their current job they have 10 more of these
ANSWER: pounds

April 22
QUESTION: This takes a millions years to decompose in a landfill
ANSWER: glass

April, 21
QUESTION: Millions of adult Americans could not still do this if they were asked to do it today
ANSWER: Pass a driving test

April 20
QUESTION: This hobby has doubled among young Americans over the last decade
ANSWER: knitting

April 19
QUESTION: The average American uses 20 to 80 of these every day
ANSWER: Gallons of water

April 16
QUESTION: Doing this during the day may boost sophisticated memory and make you more creative

April 15
QUESTION: The Bartholomew County Public Library has nearly 11,000 of these

April 14
QUESTION: The average American does this 3 times a year
ANSWER: Read a booj

April 13
QUESTION: 59% of American adults have one of these
ANSWER: library card

April 12
QUESTION: There are more public libraries than this in the United States
ANSWER: McDonalds

April 9
QUESTION: 58% percent of women say this is their mans worst habit
ANSWER: channel surfing

April 8
QUESTION: According to relationship experts this is the best place for a guy to break up with his girlfriend
ANSWER: her kitchen tabe

April 7
QUESTION: 62% of parents say it's easier to do this with a girl than with a boy
ANSWER: name them

April 6
QUESTION: The more education a woman has the more likely she is to do this
ANSWER:cheat on her taxes

April 5th
QUESTION: The average American family has 15 of these in their home
ANSWER: cookbooks

April 2nd
QUESTION: Most of us use one every day. You may be surprised to learn it was invented in 1924
ANSWER: Cell phone

April 1st
QUESTION:This year alone about 3 billion dollars will exchange hands here
ANSWER: Yard sales

March 31st
QUESTION:Over half of us do this with our feet
ANSWER: flush a public toilet

March 30th
QUESTION: These used to be common but now only 1 in 4 teenagers own one of these.
ANSWER: Wristwatch

March 29th
QUESTION: Majority of people say they don't like it when this common thing happens to them
ANSWER: Cell phone rings

March 26th
QUESTION: Just over 30% pf people break their diet by doing this
ANSWER: Eating pizza

March 25th
QUESTION: Research has shown guys feel sexy when they smell this
ANSWER: Pumpkin

March 24th
QUESTION: Americans spend more on dog and cat food than they do one this
Answer: Baby food

March 23rd
QUESTION: 9 out of 10 men judge another man by this
ANSWER: Ring tone

March 22nd
QUESTION: More single women than single men did this last year
ANSWER: bought a house

March 19th
QUESTION: If you participate in on of these you'll spend about 12 thousand dollars a year doing it
ANSWER: an affair

March 18th
QUESTION:Over half of all Americans do this at least 6 times per day
ANSWER: Hit snooze

March 17th
QUESTION: You'll do this about 300,000 times over the course of your driving career

March 16th
QUESTION: 60% of women don't like doing this, but still do it at least once a week
ANSWER: Weigh themselves

March 15th
QUESTION: The average guy will do this 6 times on a first date

March 12th
QUESTION: 41 is the magical age to begin doing this
ANSWER: start riding a motorcycle

March 11th
QUESTION: These were originally developed as torture devices in the 1800's. Today many people use them daily. 
ANSWER: Treadmills

March 10th
QUESTION: 45 million boxes of these are sold in America every year.
ANSWER: Golf Balls

March 9th
QUESTION: 40% of Americans say they feel more attractive when they wear this.
ANSWER: Sunglasses

March 8th
QUESTION:  One in five homeowners are jealous of this
ANSWER: Neighbors Lawn

March 5th
QUESTION: The average person will buy 7 of these in their lifetime
ANSWER: Washing Machines

March 4th
QUESTION: 50% of new fathers admit to doing this
ANSWER: Faking sleep when the baby cries

March 3rd
QUESTION: 60% of women secretly hate these
ANSWER: Bridal showers

March 2nd
QUESTION: What Hollywood film showed the first toilet flush?
ANSWER: Psycho

March 1st
QUESTION: The most common day for someone to do this is a Monday
ANSWER: Break up with someone

February 26th
QUESTION: 20% of women think it's sexy when a man does this
ANSWER: Shaves his legs

February 25th
QUESTION: 58% of single men say they've tried to meet women here
ANSWER: Church

February 24th
QUESTION: What is the biggest selling item at Wal*Mart?
ANSWER: Bananas

February 23rd
QUESTION: 80% of moms do this when they're angry
ANSWER: Take away their child's video game. 

February 22nd
QUESTION: 28% of people carry this with them at all times. 

February 19th
QUESTION:40% of men are frightened by this
ANSWER: Spiders

February 18th
QUESTION: 20% of adults say they can't do this common thing

February 17th 
QUESTION: The average woman has 5 of these. The average man has 12

February 16th 
QUESTION: 18% of adults do this on a regular basis
ANSWER: Exercise

February 15th
QUESTION: Women are far more likely to do this very common thing than men

February 11th 
QUESTION: The average person spends 2 weeks per year doing this
ANSWER: Kissing

February 10th
QUESTION: 93% of Americans buys at least one of these a month

February 9th
QUESTION: 80% of people say this can make them smile, even on a bad day

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