Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

The Wizard of Oz turns 75 this year! And, it’s being released in IMAX 3-D this year [Sept 20-26]! Yes, please!


While researching what I was going to say for this blog, it took me hours to sort through images I wanted to share. I would love to just play the whole movie right here and sit and chat with you about it.


This is my #1 all time favorite movie in the history of ever. My Aunt Cindy introduced me to the wonderfulness of it when I was just a wee little tyke. I can quote the entire thing, I LIVED to be the Cowardly Lion, and I was never scared of Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West.


I know way too much trivia about it:

  • In the book, the slippers are silver. To highlight the effect of the technicolor, the producers decided to make them ruby. The rest is movie history…


  • Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett, etc.) was the first Tinman, but succumbed to a silver dust allergy and almost died in make-up testing.


  • There were four directors of the movie that made serious mistakes and corrections. The cast had to re-do some scenes months after “final takes.” The movie only won 2 Oscars – both for music.


  • There is a scene in which the Wicked Witch claims to have sent a “bug ahead of them [the flying monkeys] to take the fight out of them.” She’s talking about the “Jitterbug.” The whole scene and song was cut. You can find it here:



So my point is…



I totally want this for Christmas!

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