Stuff That’ll Go!

vhsMoving in with that special someone can be a trying time — especially when you start going through the things you need and don’t need and the pile of stuff in the discard pile has more of your stuff in it than hers. A new survey has been released of the ten items that women love to throw away, no matter how much it means to you. Most of the time we guys don’t even know she’s throwing it away, because she’’ll do it one little piece at a time.

1. Clothes – Say good bye to all your old, holey t-shirts you’ve had for the last ten years.

2. Magazine Collections – You should have already ditched them when you started dating plus, it’s 2014 — go digital.

3. Old Hobby Stuff – To her, it’s nothing but a pile of cheap plastic and paint, but to you, it’s your life’s work.

4. CDs and DVDs – Notice it’s not her collection of romance movies that go. Instead it’s your action and comedies, and the only reason she’ll have is that she doesn’t like watching them.

5. Sofa – This one is pretty obvious.

6. Sports Memorabilia – This is the point you realize it was all a lie. She doesn’t like sports.

7. Artwork – By artwork we of course mean those posters of half naked ladies all over your room.

8. Your computer/gaming chair – She has other ideas for how you could spend that time…cleaning.

9. Your sound system – She isn’t throwing it away because it’s too loud. She is throwing it away because it take up to much space and doesn’t fit into her floor plan.

10. Fitness Equipment – You never use them anyway.

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