Award Season Threads: 2013 People’s Choice Edition

I love award season- and not for the “who get’s what accolade”… I love it for the FASHION!
 Better yet, critiquing the fashion! Sure it may be out of jealously because most women wish they had an excuse to play dress up with gorgeous designer dresses every day/week  like most of Hollywood and the music world gets to do, but either way, it’s still fun!

Last night were the People’s Choice Awards. Though the dress code usually isn’t as elegant and glamorous as the Oscars or even the Golden Globes, it still held some pretty knock-out looks.

My Favorite from the evening: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - People's Choice Award

Harry Styles EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Coming off of a break-up that I feel has been over publicized (they only dated two months! Come on!) she was rockin’ it!

I will say the deep V neckline was probably a bit too deep for my taste, but I bet if I was in her post-breakup state of emotions my fashion taste would probably be affected too. This is probably the most revealing dress that Taylor has worn… (at least that I can remember…)

But break up or no this dress fit her flawlessly! Still classy but just enough va-voom that says “I’m back on the market looking for my next album inspiration a new man to love!”




My Least Favorite: Katy Perry

Katy Perry - People's Choice Award Before I discuss this ugliness, I will give kudos to her for being covered and not choosing to wear candy. Thank you.

That being said WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I’m pretty sure this fabric pattern came from Jo-Ann Fabrics circa 1992 when my mom was making dresses for my American Girl Dolls.

True the dress fit her nice and she did accessorize it well, I just can’t get over the ugly fabric. Sorry girl. Maybe next time you can do better…



So What did YOU think of last night’s dresses? Did you have favorites? I hope to have a fashion blog for most of the award shows this year, so stay tuned!

Up Next- the GOLDEN GLOBES!  (PS- I can’t tell you how flippin’ excited I am that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting this year! Wahoo!)

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - Golden Globe Hosts

It’s NOT the end of the world!

And I feel fine! (Now let’s all go see “The Hobbit”! haha)

Seriously though- did you know anyone that seriously believed today would be the end of the world? If so, what did you/they do? Did they stock up on “supplies?” Go on a ridiculous shopping spree since they thought they wouldn’t have to pay it back? Or on a more positive note, did they love on friends and family like they wouldn’t see them tomorrow?

I love the idea of the final thought…what if we really knew the world end tomorrow? Or the next day? Would we be completely selfish or un-selfish? Or would we set out to accomplish those dreams that we keep putting on the back-burner? How would our lives look if we knew the world really was going to end soon?

Just something to ponder as we head into the new year…. :)

Sara Beth :)

Holiday Candy Obsession of 2012


Can't Stop Eating Hershey's Kisses - Candy Cane

Seriously….and I dislike candy canes with a passion.

Probably because these really have nothing in common with candy canes (except for the mint flavor).

Peppermint flavored white chocolate, and then to give it the candy cane crunch they throw in some red sprinkles (nonpareils I believe is the official term, but let’s be real here, no one calls them that).

And in SB’s world: SPRINKLES > silly candy canes!

So if you like these…

Then try the Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses! They are worth it!

Happy 12-12-12!

-Sara Beth


The 2013 Pantone Color Of The Year is…

I know 90% of the population doesn’t really care what the color of the new year is, and probably 50% of those people are busy looking up Pantone on Wikipedia….but for that 10% of us that know what I’m talking about….

The 2013 Pantone color of the year is…..


YAY! I love this choice! It’s so calming yet bright at the same time. I can’t wait to see all the fashion and design trends that come out of this color choice.

Here’s another fun article on 2013′s color.


It’s OFFICIAL! Re-Vamped “Boy Meets World”!

90′s kids all over the US are rejoicing at the news of Disney bringing back a Re-Vamped version of our favorite TGIF show Boy Meets World (named Girl Meets World)with none other than our beloved Corey Matthews (Ben Savage) and Topanga Lawrence Matthews (Danielle Fishel) as parents to 13 year old Riley Matthews (actress yet to be determined)!

EEPP! I may have had this reaction after hearing the news…

and I did this for a good 10 minutes……


Anyways- the new “Girl Meets World” is set to air on the Disney Channel, and as awkward as it will be to have a Disney Channel show in my DVR recordings, I am willing to pay the price!

Here’s to hoping it will last and impact another generation!

Report from


A New Christmas Classic?

I’m super excited about Christmas music this year!

Now note that 99% of the time I am one of those people that refuses to acknowledge the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving (let that poor holiday have it’s own time to shine! haha!). However, this year Brittany Gray and I decided we wanted to freshen up our Christmas music playlists (get excited!), which means searching for a whole slew of “new classics,” your favorite artists, singing your favorites.

HOLY COW did we ever hit the jackpot! Christina Perri, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Michael Buble, OneRepublic, and soooo many more! Needless to say we’ve been in the Holiday Spirit for a while. So much that I wanted to share what holiday song I’m LOVING the most right now!

Below is CeeLo Green’s “All I Need Is Love.” Not to worry Beatle’s fans, it sounds nothing like “All You Need Is Love”. BUT! It DOES have THE MUPPETS and the “Mahna-Mahna” song! And it’s all wrapped in this bundle of Christmas awesomeness! Don’t believe me? Check it out below! Happy listening!

CeeLo Green’s “All I Need Is Love”

-Sara Beth :)