Thank You Buzzfeed.

Two of my favorite links to click on in Social Media….

1.) Photo galleries of my favorite professional local photographers. If you have had photos taken by Lowry Dismore Photography, Eminence Photography, Marinda Fowler Photography or Angela Jackson Photography, I’m sorry. I’ve stalked your wedding/engagement/family portrait session. I can’t help it! These fine folks make beautiful people even more beautiful! Check out their stuff when you get a chance. :)

2) Buzzfeed charts. What is with these?!? I love them so much and there are so many! You open one and then 5 more are linked at the end of the one you just read…it’s a vicious cycle kids…don’t try it unless you have lots of time to kill!

So you can bet I was quite excited with a Facebook friend of mine posted this GLORIOUS link:

14 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Happy You’re Single

Insert Hanna Montana Moment HERE! (it’s the BBBBEEEESSSSTTT OF BOTH WORLDS…..)

Sorry. I don’t know how I knew that reference….

Anyways- it doesn’t matter if you’re single, engaged or married, you will get a kick out of these shots. And if that isn’t enough for you, be sure you check out too.

Happy Laughing!

-Sara Beth :)

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