The 8th Deadly Sin…

So I’ve officially seen the 8th deadly sin. 

Right here in the QMIX Studios.

It’s ugly kids…..very ugly.

Brace yourself. 


For those in need of a review, The 7 deadly sins are as follows:


1.) Lust


2.) Gluttony


3.) Greed


4.) Sloth

Awww isn’t he a cutie? He’s not the actual deadly sin, but you get my point :)


5.) Wrath


6.) Envy


7.) Pride


And now the 8th deadly sin…..


Leaving a Texas Roadhouse roll unconsumed. 



You can’t tell by the picture, but this roll is now a hockey puck. 





Let’s take a moment and mourn this lost opportunity to enjoy a Texas Roadhouse roll….



PS- Texas Roadhouse did not put me up to writing this blog. They were sweet enough to share some sweet rolls with us, and we are always grateful when they do. Thus the reason I am sad this one roll didn’t get eaten.


PPS- If Texas Roadhouse DOES want me to write about them, send over more rolls and we’ll talk…I can be bought with good food! :)



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