The Hills Are Alive…

carrie as mariaCarrie Underwood is in New York now rehearsing for the TV production of The Sound Of Music, airing December 5 on NBC. Last week, a representative from the network spoke with the New York Daily News, and said the broadcast will originate from a sound stage in Bethpage Long Island. “There is no live audience and no proscenium, as in a conventional theater,” an NBC rep said. “Instead, the show will look like a film with all the action played live and in sequence.” There will be several sets build on the stage, and the actors will be shot with multiple cameras. “All of the singing will be live, and the music — using a 40-piece orchestra — will be pre-recorded in order to ensure the best mix of the instruments.” The TV special will feature a cast of 61 actors, including Carrie.

In an unrelated Carrie storry… she ‏posted Saturday from her NYC flat: “I set off the fire alarm in my apartment tonight trying to make dinner. Oops! Sorry neighbors… #TopChef #KitchenNightmares”

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