The National Anthem

I admit. Being a choir and band student at one time, our National Anthem is hard. Hard to sing. Hard to play. And, maybe sometimes, hard to forget the words. 




So, yesterday, when I posted the video of the four ladies singing “The Star Spangled Banner,” I was a little harsh. More power to them for getting in front of an international audience to sing their hearts out for our country.


Having said that, the interwebs have been up a storm in ways the National Anthem should be sang. No, not just sang. SANG!



Like this one. Almost two years ago, 16-year-old Marlana VanHoose, sang the National Anthem before a UK women’s basketball game. Not only is she blind, she can run with the best of them. 





And if you need more National Anthem perfection, two words. Whitney. Goosebumps.





I love this one from Faith Hill, too…






Anyhow, USA. USA. USA!

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