The Sing Off is BACK!

Eep! I’m so excited for December 9th! 

Why you may ask? BECAUSE OF THIS!!!

This show is flippin’ awesome…and here are all the reasons why…

1.) Pure talent. It’s one thing to belt out a tune. It’s a whole new ballgame to try to get harmonies and “instruments” together too. Case in point: Pentatonix. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, drop everything you are doing (including reading this blog entry) and watch them on youtube. 

2.) Ben Folds. Most know him from the 90′s and his song “Brick.” He’s written more songs since then, and they are all just as amazing, if not more. Plus he’s got that goofy nerdy musical prodigy hipster thing going on that we all just love. I may be biased, since Dan and I danced to his song “The Luckiest” at our wedding, but you should check his stuff out anyway. 

3.) Shawn Stockman. He’s on this list because I loved Boyz II Men back in the day and he gets kudos for just that. He’s a good judge too. 

4.) Nick Lachey’s awkward hosting moments. I appreciate his enthusiasm, but every time he says “Swan Song” I have to awkwardly giggle. 

5.) The coordinating outfits! I want to hang out with the wardrobe coordinator for this show…they are fantastic! Yes, slightly kitschy, but I don’t care!

These are just a few. YAY! I’ll be tuning in Dec 9th! Will you?


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