The strange world of ToddleWood…

Have you heard of ToddleWood?

I just discovered this a half hour ago… and I just rode a roller coaster of feelings about this….


This photographer takes pictures of kiddos dressed as celebrites, and she recently did a series from the Golden Globes…see my favorites below….

I’m thinking….this is kinda cute….




Then I go to her website to see what else she’s done…..



What the WHAT?!?

I was enjoying this, but then I felt overwhelmed for all the parents out there who get this for their kids! Am I the only one who thinks this is slightly over the top? I understand you love your child and want to give them a great birthday party….but really???? Whatever happened to the simple parties at the ice rink or bowling alley? Or even Chuck E. Cheese? 

This just sounds expensive! And slightly ridiculous….


If this ends up being the trend for birthday parties by the time I have children, I apologize to them now, not going to happen. I’m sure they will thank Dan and I later for opting to use the money to help pay their college tuition instead.


What do you think? Would you throw your Toddler a Toddlewood party? 

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