Top 3 Things: Bad song edition

This list was inspired by one song (Hint: it’s the #1 song on this list). You know when you see a car accident and you can’t look away? Well, these are songs that I can’t listen away from…


Here are the Top 3 songs that I want to hate, but I listen anyway:


#3 Nicki Minaj – Superbass I don’t care for this song, but when it comes on, I listen to the whole thing. It’s a good dance song, I suppose that’s why? This is adorable though…


#2 Ylivis – The Fox  Yea. This song apparently started out as a joke. It’s ridiculous. But every time is comes on, I get really pumped and giggle throughout the entire thing. I’m only a little embarrassed by that…


#1 The Chainsmokers – Selfie. NO! Just…NO! But guess what? I listen to it anyway if it comes on. WHY? #theworst



What is a song you can’t listen away from?


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