Top 3 Things: Gen Con 2014 Edition

Happy Monday! My legs are killing me….


…because GEN CON 2014! Oh my goodness! There are few greater feelings than walking around for hours and hours surrounded by a bunch of people who are just as weird as you are. Love it.


Here are the Top 3 cool things that happened to me at Gen Con:


#3 My eye balls got to see Chewbacca playing a musical instrument. Amazing.



#2 I got to try out a cool new game that involves technology in the coolest way. (Not to mention, I’m really good at it.)

20140817_103744 20140817_110742


#1 I got to be in a Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Tournament! Yes. I made it to through 3 rounds! Huzzah!



Did you go? Want to go next year? Share with me!


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