Top 3 Things: ‘Good Job At Life!’ Edition

Ya know how sometimes we give you things just for listening to your QMIX? Like on April Fuel’s Day? When we gave out $50 gas cards JUST for listening? Which you do anyway? Yea. Wouldn’t it be great if there were other things like that in life? 


Here are the Top 3 Things that people should get awards/rewarded for:


#3 Pet Cuddling Champion – Even though we all probably do this enough, we could stand to do it more. Everyone wins when you cuddle with your pet! (Unless you have a reptile or a tarantula or something…) Wouldn’t it be rad if someone came by your house with a big check and congratulated you on your stellar pet-cuddling skills?? 

Like these guys. They win all the awards. Ever. 



#2 Hitting EVERY SINGLE Pot Hole Even When You Are Trying Specifically To NOT Hit Them Award – Everyone would go home with at LEAST a participation award for this. I win 1st Place for this today. 

#1 The Highest Of Fives Achievement – Just imagine…High fives just became more epic now that fireworks go off and everyone cheers as a kick line comes in and celebrates your celebratory high five. Sounds awesome, right?


Let’s appreciate the little things more! :D What other things do you think people should get awards for?



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