Top 3 Things: I love the internet today Edition

Here are the Top 3 things on the internet that are my favorite right now:


#3 Disney Characters re-drawn to exist in a Walking dead world. Awesome. This one is my fave, I think. Who do they remind you of? ;)


#2 Channing Tatum is the bees knees. Found this article about Alisa Finley. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She created a bucket list and was able to check something off of it in a very awesome way. Feelings. You can watch the very sweet video “Chan” sent her here.


#1 The Office still remains one of my favorite TV shows. I found what they are calling a Time Machine. It is a magical place where you can go, plug in a year and it spits out a video with all the pop culture references on the show from that time. It is evidence that “culture enriches everything”. Just awesome. 

Thank you, Internet, for being so awesome. That was fun. :)


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