Top 3 Things: March Fun Edition

March is such a fun month! Although, it is normally accompanied by not-so-awful weather… It’s okay, March. We forgive you. But only because there are fun things coming up to distract us.


Here are the Top 3 fun things coming up in March:


#3 March Madness. For the first time, I’m actually ‘getting into’ March Madness this year. I know nothing about it other than a lot of people do it and it involves basketball. According to Google, it all kicks off this Sunday the 16th. My bracket is clearly going to win. (#sarcasm) I’ve joined a pool that is donating part of the proceeds to Alzheimer’s research. So if nothing else, my money is going towards a great cause. (Here’s the link if you want to join!)


#2 St. Patricks Day. The day has it’s ups and downs (Thanks Jimmy for spelling that out for us), but I enjoy it most because it gives me a reasonable excuse to run around all day doing jigs. 


#1 QMIX Bud Light Blarney Stone Party! For weeks, you all have been searching and/or winning a QMIX Bud Light Blarney Stones to bring with you to our party THIS Saturday at Score’s Sports Bar & Grill. More details about it HERE. It’s going to be rad. Don’t miss it!



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