Top 3 Things: Napping Is Awesome Edition

Let’s face it. Napping is awesome. There are many great times to nap. But do you have a favorite time to nap? I do! And I’m going to share them with you because maybe they are also your favorite times! Or maybe you never thought to try a nap at that time. I’m just looking out for ya.


Here are my Top 3 favorite times to take a mini-slumber:


#3 During rainy and stormy weather. I find it relaxing. Plus, I want it to go away. My logical brain tells me it will be gone when I wake up and then I can go out and play. 



#2 During nice, cool, sunny weather. Inside. With the windows open. Preferably laying in the sun. Like a cat. (And here are all 3 of my cats displaying said napping style. Ha.)



#1 Right before my show! You listen, so I’m sure you have found the perfect time between work and 8pm to take a quick nap to get rested and ready to hang out with me. Right?? (just nod and smile) ;)

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