Top 3 Things: Sneezing Edition

Hello Spring! Beside the obvious weather change, the reason I know Spring is officially here is that my news feeds on Facebook and Twitter are full of the woes of the dreaded allergies! So, I thought I’d gear tonight’s list toward that whole mess.


Here are the Top 3 Things you didn’t know about sneezing:


#3 Closing your eyes while you sneeze is an involuntary reflex. And no, if you sneeze with your eyes open, they won’t pop out of your head. Apparently that’s a thing…?


#2 Why do we sneeze? It’s been compared by researchers to rebooting your computer. Sometimes, your nose just can’t handle life and needs to be reset. 


#1 The fun guys at Mythbusters tested how fast sneezes can travel and recorded theirs at 35 miles per hour. Hmmm.

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