Top 3 Things: Social Media Bug-a-boos Edition

So if you’re not into the whole social media lifestyle yet, first of all, that’s a little odd. And second, I want to applaud you. It is quite the magical beast. And by that, I mean it’s really a great medium, but I have some issues. 


Here are the Top 3 things that bug me when it comes to the ease of using social media:


#3 *SPOILER ALERT* <You see this all over the place these days. Especially when it comes to TV shows, movies, books, etc. I kind of hate that if I don’t want something ruined, like the season finale of a TV show, I have to completely log off the grid Walden style. We all now how hard it is to completely disconnect from all of our devices. Soooo there’s that.  Few things are worse than when you’re on the 3rd and last book of a series and then by accident, you see an article about everyone who dies at the end. 


#2 Accidentally “Like”-ing something. You’re finger is browsing through and you accidentally like some random person’s family reunion picture. You haven’t spoken to said person in what seems like 20 years. What do you do know? It’s just a bucket of awkward. 


#1 Posting something with a typo. I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I could look over a status or a post 8 times and still mess something up. It’s not a life-ending problem, but it’s like nails on a chalk board. Grammar flubs also fall into this category. Don’t act like you haven’t judged someone for using the wrong form of “your”/”you’re”…


What are some of your Facebook, Twitter, etc. bug-a-boos?


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