Top 3 Things: You’re Getting Old….er Edition

Everybody gets old. BUT! Are you doing it gracefully? 


Here are the Top 3 ways to tell if you’re doing it right:


#3 You’ve watched TV shows and movies and started to identify more with the older characters. Not necessarily the parents or really old people…..but kind of, yea. Don’t worry though, this shows maturity. Feel better?


#2 You’re going to bed at a reasonable hour. You used to be a night owl, but now you’re in bed before you’re exhausted and you’re whole body aches for sleep. For some people, this is 10pm. For others, 8pm. Both perfectly acceptable. Sleep is so yummy. 

 This guy gets it….eventually. (#toocute)

#1 Social activities are not gone, just toned down. You go to concerts and get really pumped when there is seating available that isn’t the ground. Instead of going to several different bars and finally decided to leave when it’s almost morning, you have a few drinks at one place and then head home. All good in moderation. 

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