Week 6 at Farrells!

So last night…I got my booty kicked! Where you may ask? Oh you know where….

Last night was fitness kickboxing. I usually get my booty kicked, but last night was ridiculous! So I’m trying to figure out who to blame it on….

I could blame Erik Piper…because he was a DRILL SARGENT last night! Remember him? He’s the one that’s super sweet outside of Farrell’s but will make you WORK when he’s instructing a class…(PS…I think he reads minds…because I’ve never shared how much I hate burpees with him and we did a LOT of those last night…)

I could also blame the SWEET amped up 90′s playlist we had going in the background! Even moved into some Britney Spears…I was rockin’ it! But then I used way to much energy early on and then was dying by the end of the session….

I could even blame it on the fact I was still sore from lower body strength training yesterday…

But I won’t….because when it’s all over, I feel accomplished and fantastic. 

And ready for bed! 

Excited for Upper body strength training tonight! 

-Sara Beth

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