Welcome to Columbus!

Is anyone else just as excited as I am for all the fun restaurants Columbus has acquired the past few months?


Yats has officially joined the downtown restaurant family, last month we were introduced to all the delicious noodles that Noodle’s & Company prepares, and today is the Grand Opening of Qdoba Mexican Grill!


It had been a while since I had visited Qdoba, so checking it out today at lunch was like visiting a new restaurant.

True, you can get a burrito there that’s as big as your thigh like the place down the road, but Qdoba is great because they have the craft 2 option! Similar to the You Pick 2 at that other other restaurant, and the portion sizes are a lot more lunchtime friendly…unlike the burritos which I can eat for 3 days because they are ginormous!

So I hope you get a chance to check out all the wonderful new options for dinner that Columbus has now!

So this just begs the question….whats coming next? I’m personally looking forward to the opening of the Japanese Hibachi Grill restaurant next to YATS…mmmm!

What restaurant would YOU like to see come to Columbus?

-Sara Beth

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