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A Georgia bank accidentally deposited $31,000 into a teen’s bank account—the 18-year-old then spent all of it.

A man made the hefty deposit at First Citizens Bank in Athens, Ga. on March 7th. The teen shares the man’s name, however, and the teller mistakenly deposited the money into the wrong account.

The teen, ecstatic upon discovering his newfound wealth, commenced on a massive spending spree. He withdrew $20,000 in cash, police said, and spent another $5,000 on his debit card.





Bank officials discovered the error after receiving an angry call from the man who had made the original deposit.

When the kid went to the bank to withdraw the remainder of the money on March 18th, tellers informed him of the mistake. The teen then insisted that he inherited the money from his grandmother.

A Madison County sheriff’s deputy went to the thief’s house, where he “again said he thought the money came from his grandmother’s estate.”

The deputy, presumably after rolling his eyes, told the teen that he must return the money to the bank. The officer assured the the thief that if he returns the money, he won’t go to jail.

The kid assured the deputy he would get right on it. Except, he didn’t.

The bank now says they will file charges if the money isn’t returned.

Gawker published an article commending the teen (albeit somewhat sarcastically). But, some commentators disagreed with Gawker’s sentiment.

“Soooooo…if someone drops their wallet in a cab, it’s okay for the cab driver to claim it belongs to him and just abscond with the money inside? There is no obligation to return it? Seriously, those of you who advocate this kid ripping off the bank are unbelievable.”




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