Wrecking Ball Covers

Oh Miley… You can only use the excuse “she’s just being Miley” only so long…thankfully Sinead O’Connor stood up and said everything we were all thinking…maybe there will be an end to the cray cray….

probably not.

ANYWAYS- That is not what this blog is about. This blog is about the song Wrecking Ball. And even though I refuse to support crazy, I can’t deny that Wrecking Ball is a great song, and has inspired some great covers…funny and serious.

Favorite “Serious” cover, Male: James Arthur (This one is my favorite of them all!!)

Favorite “Serious” cover, Female: Masha

Favorite Country cover: The Gregory Brothers

Fun Techno Version: Haim

Cutest Kitty parody:

Cutest Puppy parody:


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